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    Hi best sober tribe in the world! I went to the store today to stock up for the upcoming holiday. It will be hot and humid involving lots of grilling, firework watching, and general summer fun. I splurged on meats, seafood, and lovely summer fruits. I made sure to get extra drinks of diet Coke, LaCroix, rootbeer, and diet cranberry gingerale. I had that excited feeling of anticipating the holiday but didn’t realize until much later that I had no thoughts or longing for buying lots of alcohol. Cans of iced coffee was my mission. Maybe, finally, my brain has been rewired to not associate holidays with alcohol. If this is true, how awesome is that?! Just plain ‘ol natural excitement for a holiday celebration sans alcohol. Keep on keepin’ on my friends, it absolutely keeps getting better and better!🎉

    • That’s awesome @jocord!! 😊 Thanks for sharing. Have a great 4th!

    • That’s fantastic @jocord….I love it when that happens. You are definitely changing old habits for sure!

    • Yer gonna be full @jocord!

    • Wtf is rootbeer, sounds slightly rude.xo

      • Seriously? You don’t have rootbeer there? Holy Moly. It’s made (or used to be made) from sassafras. Really sweet and tasty, but sweet. Good on top of ice cream (called a float). Why do I feel like I am talking with a martian right now? No rootbeer! go figure.

      • 😂 I farkin’ LOVE you! Do you have sassafras trees? I have a zillion on my property. The crushed leaves smell like citrus and the root makes sassafras tree or rootbeer. In the old westerns the cowboys would walk in the bar and order “Sassafras Tea”. I used to drink a ton of it as a kid because I thought it would get me drunk like the cowboys on tv. I was a drunk before I knew what that meant. Seriously tho’, do you have rootbeer roll candy? Rootbeer is dark and strong and creamy and a little woody and has that umami taste in the back of your mouth. As Frog said if you pop cold vanilla icecream in a glass the outside of the icecream gets crispy and the rootbeer foams up around it. Yum! Sending you wishes you get to try some.

    • I’m on the beach with my inlaws and my mother-in-law keeps showing me that I could drink these low calorie spiked carbonated waters. Ugh! Why? Fizzy water should be left for hydration for gods sake!

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