• Jocord posted an update 2 months ago

    Good lovely morning, my friends! Here is a reminder to myself and others. 2 nights ago I really wanted a beer but managed to talk myself out of it. See my previous post if you’d like. When I logged on here I experienced an instant relaxation when I saw @mrs-d‘s face. I had a physical reminder in my body that I can’t stay AF on my own and if I don’t check in regularly I put myself at risk for relapse. I beat back that ‘ol wine witch on my own that time but maybe not the next without constant reminders I don’t drink. It’s something we all know but often let lapse. Stay connected and stay sober. Thanks for your support, lovely crew!

    • Like you, I need these constant reminders @jocord! It’s way to easy to forget the reasons why and the purpose of it all without them! So grateful that we have this and each other to lean on!! Makes the world of difference!

    • JM replied 2 months ago

      Hi @Jocord! You powered through, well done! And that’s how I feel – if I were ever tempted, I’d like to think I’d check in here. The fact of this site, having to reset my number, keeps me going. Happy day/evening! xo

    • I agree!!! Being here means filling up the power tank. It makes sense to come here constantly, not only when we are “in danger”. It’s similar to eating healthy food. You should do it every day, it will work and protect your health. You shouldn’t wait until you feel powerless or ill. Happy to meet you all every day (I really try…) 🙂

    • read you post about really wanting a very large beer. it is amazing how quickly that thought can come and go. you were in a place to act on it in a moment and you said no. these sober muscle building events. … there are certainly a few of them. congrats for the hell no and reasoning it out and having a good day the next day. ( love seeing mrs d’s face when i sign on, too. 🙂 )

    • I have been confronted by 4 open bottles all week, and countless others lying around. The family show no interest in their ‘wasted’ expensive bottles… I cooked with some… Normies, beats me… but so glad I am free of the stuff. Work and travel schedule needs full on clarity!!!!

    • Good morning!!! You nailed it on the head. I too need to come back to this site to ground me again. I’ve started thinking drinking again and those thoughts are my mind trying to trick me. So thank god I haven’t been tempted again and came on here this morning to reaffirm that sobriety is living !!

    • @jocord so weird you posted this because I thought about the same thing yesterday to the point where I might go to a meeting just to get some face to face time with other sober peeps. Glad we are friends!! xoxoxox

    • Connection is so so important! ❤️

    • Couldn’t agree more @jocord. I think it’s the combination of support along with some sense of holding yourself accountable.

      I started to hanker for a wine tonight, so I threw on my PJs, jumped into bed and logged in here. Phew!

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