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    Thanks @buggles good advice. Yeah I opted for PJs and an early night. Another day, yuss!

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    Couldn’t agree more @jocord. I think it’s the combination of support along with some sense of holding yourself accountable.

    I started to hanker for a wine tonight, so I threw on my PJs, jumped into bed and logged in here. Phew!

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    Made it day 4! Feeling proud.

    I’m now on the eve of an AF weekend though so I’m thinking about strategies for that including how amazing I hope to feel come Monday morning.

    I’m going to try and do something “high brow” like attend the local writers festival (it starts early in the morning both Sat and Sun) in the hope it will a) give me another reason not to drink on Fri/Sat night and b) feel like I’ve done something special and interesting at the weekend.

    Good luck to everyone else!

    Anyone else got any strategies for this weekend???

    • Good on you for day 4!!!!!! You may find next two days challenging, the booze brain is very clever. Stay strong and do what ever you need to do to win the battle, winning the battle is a huge help!! So empowering!!
      Well I found it helpful 🤷‍♀️
      My strategies are to avoid triggers, I understand them a lot more now. So staying home is a good one for me and avoiding anything social.

    • Way to think ahead! My tip is to plan, plan, plan every minute of your first AF weekend. Commit several times each day to not drinking. Eat. Have something planned during your drinking hours. Go to bed early. Don’t get bored. Have an AF drink in your hand at all times and drink it. Hangover free Mondays are the best!

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    You took the words right out of my mouth! “In denial that a few drinks wouldn’t hurt. A day turned into a week, a week into a month, months into years. Today is my new day 1, I have so much to be grateful for, and so much to need to be fully alert and awake for. Very grateful to be here.”

    It’s wonderful to come back to this community and words that resonate. It really helps and it makes me hopeful.

    • @joblogs – aint that the truth. And, thank you it makes me hopeful too. Especially now when the day is feeling so triggery and the night seems to steal my strength. But, I’m home and booze free. xx

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    Your words made me smile. Thank you!

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    I hope to join you Lotta!

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    Day 1 again. Sigh!

    • … and tomorrow will be day 2. Make up your mind that that’s going to happen. Then start plowing through your day. Don’t look back. Day 2 will be waiting – and day 3 right after that. At this time next week you’ll have a whole week under your belt and the world will look completely different. Promise! Hang in there. Good luck!

    • Don’t give up a may take a few day ones too get going!

      • Keep that sober car moving forwards Joblogs – you can do this. Day 2 here we come.

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