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    Well, here it is…Day 1825…5 years sober…60 months…260 weeks….43,801 hours…2,628,081 minutes. Seems like a long time, yet it feels like “in a blink of an eye”, here I am…1,825 days of sobriety. Thankful for keeping a journal to refer back to, to remember those early days when I just wanted to get thru that first day, then the next day, then 3 months, then six months, then that first year. After drinking for over 40 years, after many previous attempts at trying to cut back, to quit…here I am. It took me a lot of grit, grace, and gratitude to get to this day. Those 3 G’s along with the 3 C’s…Choice, Chance, Change carried me through the many ups and downs. I learned many, many bits of wisdom along the way. My mantra: Change my thoughts = Change my life. Mindset is everything. This was the key for me, why it took me so long to figure this out, I’ll never know. I am forever grateful that I did.
    I recently came across two articles. One mentioned the “sober curious” people who for the sake of wellness are reevaluating their relationship with alcohol and how often they drink. They are practicing “self-care after dark” so the emergence of sober bars is beginning to pop up. I like this idea a lot. And the non-alcohol offerings are getting healthier with way less sugar. What a win-win.
    The other article I came across, mentioned this: “At 5 years you get your marbles back. At ten years you know how to use them.” Really? I gladly and wholeheartedly accept this challenge. I gotta test this theory out! What do I have to lose? Worse case is I don’t learn how to use them, but I have 10 years of sobriety…I’ll take that! Off to go find some shiny, glass marbles to put in a glass jar to set on my desk to see every morning as I journal. As I say thanks for another day of sobriety, it will be a reminder of my shiny new life filled with bright colors, a life with lots of living still to do. Wishing everyone love, peace, joy, and hope. ❤️jo

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