• jmtn posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    A positive sober moment to share: My son and I had to unexpectedly rearrange our weekend plans because I overslept this morning, BUT NOT BECAUSE I DRANK TOO MUCH LAST NIGHT! My body truly needed the extra sleep (felt a sore throat beginning last night) and I assumed he’d wake me up early like he usually does. Originally he was bummed to swap our special Saturday and Sunday mommy/son plans (husband and daughter are out of town this weekend), but we both understood the situation and we’re excited about our rearranged plans. I was so happy that I wasn’t filled with regret because I was sleeping in due to binge drinking last night after he had gone to sleep. He’s 10, so he’d know if I had done that. But it was different and healthy this morning. A good moment to remember in this new sober living. Wishing you all well.

    • Nice!!! Thatā€™s very very nice. Good for you.

    • Good on you totally x It’s the simple things, I can’t believe how many times I see on here how we are loosing all those feelings of guilt and shame, and embracing the roles we know we can do so well X Alcohol robs us of so so much, just being present for our children, and that’s MASSIVE when you think of it. Hope you feel better soon Hun X😊

    • Love it! I tripped over a raised bump in the sidewalk the other day – bashed my knee, my elbow, my hip. Painful but had a moment of joy that it was caused by my lack of attention while walking and not a bottle of Chardonnay! Enjoy your mom/son time. 😊❤️

      • Ouch! Sorry to hear about getting bashed up, but I’m glad you found joy in it the way that you did! I totally would have, too. It’s been a fun mommy/son weekend. I hope you’ve been having a good weekend, too. Hugs to you! @freedom1025

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