• jmtn posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Day 12 starting here. On my first sober camping trip. I was pretty easily irritated yesterday, and there were times I thought “this is when I would have a drink” whether it was because I was irritated at something or friends were drinking around me. I wasn’t irritated about not wanting to drink. Just generally in an irritable state. Luckily quite a few friends weren’t drinking or going slowly and it was a more mellow night than we’ve had in the past as a group.
    I find I’m also being much more quiet than I normally am. Like I’ve turned inward and am protecting myself. And when my fine balance gets jostled I get annoyed (unfortunately at my husband and kids). Also, I feel tired rather than full of energy like I was expecting and hoping. Does any of that sound familiar to others? Wishing you all a pleasant sober day. xox

    • Oh gosh, I know that feeling. It’s ok to be irritated. That feeling passes. Later, sometimes moments later, I’ll be feeling something else. Hopefully better.

    • Yes, I find myself in my head a whole lot. I don’t know if it is because I am just relearning who I am or l am just spending an enormous amount of energy talking myself out of drinking.

    • @whynot @kathryn @lucy Thank you for all of your comments! They all are helpful. 🙂 We’ve had a busy day outdoors and I’m doing better today. I hope you all have had a good one, too. xox

    • This is my second summer sober and I just realized that I am talking about normal things spontaneously again. I was very quiet for a long, long time. I was entirely in my head thinking all the time about how I was not drinking. As you, I was also rediscovering myself. Your body is healing at the cellular level. It’s normal to feel tired. Enjoy your journey. You’re doing awesome!

      • Thanks so much @jocord. I appreciate hearing about your experience. 😊 congrats on doing so well! I’m learning so much and so happy to legitimately be on this journey because I truly want to be, not because I know I need to. Hugs!

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