• JM posted an update 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hello all! Hope you’re all doing well out there. I am in the Italian town Courmayeur, in the Alps. This is the trip to celebrate a big milestone birthday, and one that could only happen because I’m sober. It’s been pretty phenomenal, hiking for 9 hours a day for 2 days, scenery is beyond my high expectations. We are with a lovely group, an organized tour, but almost all drinkers. Last night was a celebratory one coming here for 2 nights and a rest day, I was too exhausted, but I felt a bit left out, knowing I needed to pass on it. But the night before, we were at this mountain refuge, surrounded by high peaks, were served great food, beautiful music played and I was telling some funny stories, enjoying being w people, on a bit of a high, that alcohol would only detract from. I’d be obsessed with getting more, more, more. That is not my life anymore. I take pride in saying I don’t drink if I trust the person. I feel grateful (and exhausted from the walking), and relieved that if I’m having a challenging time, I know I can post here. If anyone is struggling out there, pls hang in there, it is so, so worth it, and keep posting here for support. xxx

    • Awesome!! Congrats all the way around – a big happy honking sober birthday to you!

    • Lucy replied 3 weeks ago

      Happy Birthday @JM and so good your enjoying you holiday.. being sober makes it s special birthday to. Be proud of you .

    • Happy milestone birthday! Keep us posted on your trip. It sounds fantastic.

    • that is the real, pure, wonderful life! Thank you for posting

    • Happy Birthday! Your trip sounds life changing!

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