• Jesss posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Hi guys. I’m back. I decided to run away from u all….and drink. Day 6 here. I set up my account last night. I was going to post about what’s been going on with me but i woke up early with a missed call from my mom. My dad is in the hospital now. With pneumonia. I feel like a broken record with things right now! This feels like bad dejavu. I am terrified. My mom came so close to dying just last month from this. My dad has emphysema. And prostate cancer that they think has spread to his lungs. I am having coffee then going to see him. I feel like i need more strength then i have right now. I am determined not to drink through this….determined. @lee-2 @liberty sent me a screenshot of your post. U are so kind a sweet and u had me crying my eyes out! Thanks so much for that💗. And @sober4real @kitten & @morgan thanks for your thoughts as well. Sorry i left u guys…

    • I am so sorry @Jesss! That is so hard. Keep checking in. Day 6 is great. Xo

    • Welcome back, @Jesss. So sorry about your parents. I started my drinking career after my hubby died, then my mom a year later; was able to quit for a while, then restarted after my dad died.

      Can’t say I recommend that route! Had to process ALL the grief when the little guy in my profile pic died and I was sober yet again.

      Stay strong, dear one.

    • You may feel like you need more strength than you have – but the strength is there and it will come out when the need is dire. You can get through this and you can do it without drinking. You have all of us here who have your back, don’t hesitate to post as often as you need and let us know how you’re feeling. <3

    • It’s so wonderful to see you back here @jesss! Words cannot explain. I know how hard life can get and would like to think that we may all get the same type of encouragement when things hit us hard because they will and do. My struggles are far different from yours at the present time but I’ve been through nearly the exact same thing as you are 9 years ago. I didn’t have the support that I desperately needed, much like the one you get here and went about things recklessly, to say the least. We don’t have to do that. Keep connected and I will do the same. We are worth our own trouble! Much love to you!!

    • tough times. really tough. so all my good thoughts to you, let us all hold you a little.. You will get through it, just little bit by little bit.

    • i think talking about an antidepressant would be a really good idea with your doctor! booze is not the go to, to help you get through a hard time in life. it might work for abit but we all know its not the answer. to deal with your depression or anxiety antidepressants can work and did for me. my anxiety was just to bad without them! ive gone through similar life events and its heartbreaking! i think talking to your doc about medication is an option for sure. some people say eating right and exercise if that works than good but i needed more

    • Welcome back dear @jesss, if it feels terrifying that sounds like a healthy response to an overwhelming situation. I’m so glad you’re here so we can all wrap around you. xxx
      Just one step at a time.

    • hey, @jesss so happy to hear from you. take care of yourself, sounds like a lot of family stress, sadness. post when you can, you know we are here. love that you are on day 6. be well.

    • @jesss I’m so glad you checked in. Family stress is hard but do not forget how strong you actually are! You can be there for your folks when they need you and that’s such a gift. I totally understand where you are at. Just take it day by day and write a gratitude list and don’t allow negative self talk that gets you into that slippery mind set. You can do this! Much love! xoxoxoxoox

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