• Jesse58 posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Hello all
    I am new here and had quit drinking with limited success over the past two years. Sometimes staying sober a week or even three months. I finally realize that I need some support to make this happen. And I hope to support others too.
    I can see this is the place to meet like minded people and together we can win.
    I have only been sober a few days this time. I just turned 58 and I feel like the time is right.

    • Welcome, lots of great people here who will offer plenty of support!

    • Hey there Jesse welcome and yup you have come to the right place for both giving and receiving support 🙂

    • I’m pretty new here and am so happy to be here! Welcome! Check in often. 😊

    • A good place to be for non judgmental honest support. Thanks to these good folks I’ll be nearly six months sober when I turn 57 this coming week.

    • welcome, @jesse58

      • Thanks Kitten. I read your profile and I too am just tired of either being drunk…or sick from it. I too regret all the time I wasted, and look forward to getting good sleep.

    • Thanks MM. Most of my friends are drinkers and really don’t want me to do this. I am sure I will meet new friends here that will be more conducive to the life I want to live. Its only day three for me and last night trying to sleep was a nightmare. Usually it take me about 5 nights to start sleeping fairly well.
      thanks for the support.

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