• jennah posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Day 29!! And Day 2 of no smoking…..I’m hoping to get support for that too. I had a visit with my Doc on Tuesday. It seems that smoking is way higher on the list for risk of another aneurysm than even drinking!! On my way to healthy and happy 🙂

    • Well done @jennah good for you keep up the amazing work!

    • @jennah I’m so incredibly impressed and proud of you for taking on both these demons at once! I also know you can conquer them both. I gave up smoking cold turkey about eight years ago. It sucked, but not for that long and I am SO happy I made that choice. One of the best decisions I ever made. I think of it often now as well because I know if I could get through that and give up smoking… then I can do this too. Best of luck for you, find all the support you can!

    • Smoking is another addiction where if you quit, you can never have even one. Twice, just one led me back to the habit….and they were cigars! Celebratory cigars that led me back to cigarettes. 16 years without now. I think that my experience with giving them up has helped a little with my understanding addiction, which in turn helped with giving up alcohol.

      • Yes @tom4500, I see it the same way. I quit smoking for 5 months 26 years ago. I bummed one from a friend when we were out drinking and said I would only have the one night. We both know what happened the next day 🙁 I have gathered many tools in the last few years of trying to quit alcohol. I’m going to apply those same tools to cigarette addiction. Thank-you so much for your support!

      • I’m with you @tom4500 – quitting cigs means I can quit alcohol as well. Never played around with cigs like I have alcohol when wanting to stop. And that would be the difference!

    • Hey @jennah, who needs poison in the end? I also stopped smoking and drinking, gave me so much benefit!

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