• JB.OB posted an update 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Day 22 AF – yay, go me !!!

    • Go You! 🙂

    • Good job!

    • Nearly a month – such great work! Yes go you!

    • Woo hoo!!

    • Whoo that month is right around the corner! Good for you.

    • Nicely done!

    • Travelling with you on Day 23 @jb-ob!! I’m loving living AF….how about you?

      • Hey there @jennah , fellow traveller… Great that you are loving the AF WOL 🙂 … I have mixed feelings about it to be honest. Feel better being AF but do miss drinking if that makes sense? But will continue to be AF as it is much much better 🙂 . Have you been finding it difficult not to drink?

        • Oh yes, it makes perfect sense @JB.OB!! I’ve been working at staying AF for a long, long time. The problem when I go back to it I always end up back in that soul sucking hole (that’s what it is for me) The only reason it is not difficult this time is because I had an aneurysm on July 13. I have doctors orders for no alcohol so it is not an option 🙂 I see this as my big chance to get sober and stay sober and take all the positives out of it. I believe that the binge that I had on July 10 may have been a contributing factor to having the aneurysm. I was very fortunate to come out of it alive. Scary stuff.

      • Wow @jennah that is scary indeed. I am so happy that you have survived the aneurysm and are still with us. Thankfully can go onwards and upwards as they say xx…

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