• JayRoc1981 posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Checking in for Day 2 – I’ll try to keep it shorter than yesterday. Question – does anyone else have a harder time resisting alcohol when they’re in a good mood as opposed to bad? I got a small promotion at work today, and the natural desire to celebrate damn near derailed me on lowly day number 2. But I’m home, fed, and happy – still booze free. I was really surprised by how much harder today was than yesterday.

    • Congrats on day 2 @jayroc1981 – yes I was the same. I seemed to drink more when i was happy and wanted to celebrate. Now, I’m just happy for my achievements (big or small) and glad i don’t have to worry about the next morning 🙂 You’ve got this!

    • Yeah, on my many day ones over the last 30 years I was nursing a hangover/feeling tragic about some crummy thing I’d done and positive I was giving up for good this time but by day 2 or 3 I was craving big time and kidding myself with the old “ I just need to cut down a little” bullshit. Day 127 and LOVING sober life warts and all. I had to quit work, not leave the house for 2 weeks and ban all visitors to get two weeks under my belt and then I was hell bent on not losing those 14 days. Once you’ve experienced each new trigger a few times you build up the muscles that resist drinking and you know what works for you and can plan ahead for tricky times. Keep up the great work.

    • Absolutely! Happy times were cause for more drinking than sad. Start planning now for days 4-7. Those are tricky ones. And congrats on Day 2 and your promotion!

    • Thanks for the replies, everyone!

    • @jayroc1981 congrats on the promo.


      happy = drink
      sad = drink
      sunny = drink
      cloudy = drink
      saturday = drink
      tuesday = drink
      half dead with exhaustion = drink
      peppy and full of energy = drink
      healthy as = drink
      sick as = drink
      promotion = drink
      sacked = drink

      we’re all a bit like that on here. whatever’s going on, our brains want to drink.

    • Day 2’s are harder than day 1’s, because the the body is getting deeper into withdrawal. I used to take a day off from drinking about every month or so, always on a day with a roaring hangover. I suppose to convince myself I didn’t have a problem?

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