• Jaxisdry posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Day 79 and I am up at 1am, not with the dry horrors but just not sleeping. So much has happened over the last couple of months. I used to drink a lot of my health problems away (well numb them). Tomorrow I go into hospital for the 1st of 2 operations before Christmas. So grateful to be sober and actually looking after myself and listening and caring for my body.
    I am starting to like the sober me, the anger and lack of patience is passing and I am starting to feel calm and clearer. I am even interacting with people instead of living in my isolated world of me and my kids only. I am starting to get my world in order clearing out and tidying the house. Never time for that before while drinking. I am getting things done but on my terms I am careful not to put to much pressure on myself to get everything done at 100 miles an hour. I even resisted the urge to get the Christmas tree up this weekend and focused on getting the kids and house organised for the next week that I will be away. Excited for the future AF.

    • Best to you for your surgery!! Speedy recovery!! Congrats on day 79! : )

    • Good luck @jaxisdry hope all goes well. Isn’t it great when the brain fog starts to disappear?

    • Awesome you legend! All the very best for your sugeries. Will be thinking of you. ❤️❤️

    • speedy recovery and best re: your surgeries. so excited that you are seeing that it is just one clean pot, one couched moved to vacuum behind, one new dish, one room prepped for painting, one pat on the shoulder of a person you meet in the grocery store, one one one. it has taken me forever to figure this out and I feel so much better now that i realize that the 100 mph was me hungover trying to get things done so i could drink or because i “forgot” for decades while drinking. congrats on day 79

    • I’m at the same stage just a couple of days behind you and I’m feeling the same. Some days I go full on and de clutter a room other days it might be only a drawer here or there.
      I now have a pile of stuff in my garage for the dog watch and rubbish dump.
      I’m still awake as I have just finished work
      I work in a bar and we held a function
      It was interesting watching people act the way I used to. I will be tired in the morning but my head isn’t going to feel as bad as some of the ones I served tonight

    • Congrats on day 79 and good luck with your surgeries🌼🌺

    • 79 days and lots of self-care right there, well done! And fingers crossed for your procedure. It will be ok! xoxox

    • Hi @jaxisdry can you please email me at I think there’s a problem with the email address attached to your membership here x

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