• janus2 posted an update 5 months ago

    Cheers @marmite, feels real wierd nearly 2 yrs aye, i thought i would crumble at 1. Think the thing that made me stronger was whangamata and people commenting how well i looked 🙂 you mayve missed fatbum was put down Sunday at 10 a.m 🙁 wierd not having her around and still lie on the floor watching t.v where she snuggled up to me. She went down in like 24hrs. I am swim teaching in Picton and at the end i go and investigate bays in Sounds so i dont have to sit and think!! Tbh also excited of 2yrs though in a wierd way jesus wept. I sm going to buy myself something just not sure what. peace out you xo

    • Hi @janus2, I’m sorry you’ve lost your wee buddy. Sending a big hug, my friend. Two years deserves a special treat 😊 xx

    • @Janus2 oh no, I’m so, so sorry. Lovely fatbum, thank you for helping our friend get sober. Somehow, fatbum got through to you in times when no one else could eh? Yes, you should do something special to celebrate this milestone 2 year mark and to celebrate the life of your best buddy, fatbum. Love you mate. I feel the same about Lizi’s retreat and Whangamata, they changed everything, i wouldn’t be approaching 2 years either without you all. I’m getting another tattoo, probably an addition to the one i got last year, might be a growing artwork on each anniversary xxoo

      • P.s. @janus2 hell yeah, the change in you was incredible, it was like someone had breathed life back into you. Shining bright my rainbow friend

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