• janus2 posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    First up lol @iowadawn pleases dont get little bit jeally lol.
    @prudence @marmite i dont know how i caught such a good man, really and truely i dont. Today he rang and said he know i hated the house sharing with others but he needed somewhere as his work is under new ownership so bit fraught at the mo. So he has said that each weekend i dont need to stay and he will take me somewhere else, so this weekend am camping at a bay in Malborough sounds, following wkend a lodge at cracker island of Lochmara bay. Next ones he said will be a surprise. Jesus wept i have put him through so much of my shit. How do i.? Today while swim teaching at the school pool got contract at, found out got only 25 kids wtf never had that before, normally around 34. Told them mate you could actually get them flying. Niw super excited to see the growth i can make, only thing is got professional development in Feb, omg thats so farkn yawny
    But hey its $. Oh @liberty check out Derry Girls and sex education and Sinner on netflix, not sure you will like 1st 2, but it was right up my alley. I looked at flowers but still not sure. Oh what did you do with puntface today.? Hope you curled your lip at him 😉 anyway time to walk fatbum. I walk her round thos park that is full of plum trees and theyr all dropping jesus wept i have a feast. Peace out ewes lot xo

    • He sure sounds like a keeper @janus2. What a great idea to go away each weekend.
      Love those plum trees – just a shame they drop all of the fruit so quickly. Can’t keep up! (or the birds get them first)

    • Aw, your man. It’s so good to know you’ve got a goodie. 🙂
      You guys got me through today. @janus2 I’ve got Derry girls on my list and loved Sinner. Flowers took me a while too, it’s kind of desperately sad and I couldn’t get how I was meant to laugh at it but by end of series 1 was a convert. 2nd series has BiPolar. Also like W1A a lot – on demand – not sure it’ll float your boat but I reckon anyone who’s worked in a big institution would get it. xxx

    • 😀Happy for you @janus2 x

    • Wow, what fun. Mine has been full of good surprises lately – soooo left field. Love it. Not quite at your man’s level, but small things are enough for me – seem magnificent after the hopeless, narcissistic predecessors 😉

      • Ahhhh…@Morgan and @janus2…NICEEEEE☺ I am so happy for you beauties and you girls deserve the best!!!
        So janus2 you would be proud of me…I…over phone call and follow up text laid it on the line with my loveeeeee. Just tonight, I did. It was good and raw and insightful. He was a dick on the phone(moments) but Morgan..he was in Afganistsn! Than..BAM unfair court. I feel heartbroken for him but DAMN IM HURTING TO. I told him he should truly take a look at himself and how sad he allows me and my 17 and 14 year olds slip away. That we are a great family. My unofficial fiance is “needing time” but he loves me but needing to chill. Well…court was over months ago. Move ON. I am hurting and he makes me feel unvalued right now. I would do anything for him text I said “Yes you are correct. You said you can be an asshole and I did not used to believe you. Yes, you are CORRECT”
        So there.
        But u know I will be defeated if 7 years with him go down the tube. I think this is a detour, Morgan, not an ending. A “come to Jesus” thing. And God plan is my plan (Don’t laugh, Janis☺)
        So TELL ME ALL ABOUT YOUR adventure with that kick ass man of yours JANUS!!😁😁😁 I am so psyched for you, my great friend ❤ And I am jelly just A little😇

        • Go you for being brave. I have been very brave and upfront lately, but also had to step back and apologize at times for misreading situations. Lord, relationships are bloody hard.
          I guess you can take the time to “chill” too, whatever the hell that means.
          It IS a chance for us to build our strength and be independent and just learn our own rhythms. Look how strong @Janus2 became, apart so much from Wonderman.
          I am very relieved to be on my own with daughter for a bit. The Man wore me out ;).

    • Howdy super legend ! You sound super chirpy ! Nice start to 2019! ❤️

    • Aww @janus2 what an amazing guy. I want one! I romance myself these days, buy my own flowers ha ha! Glad to hear fatbum happy xx

    • so glad you have a good man… @janus2, you deserve the best! @morgan too, so glad! yay for a good man (hard to find or a hard man is good to find?)

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