• janus2 posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    I think i might be a bit, oh i dont know? Aware others have moved on @quietlydone @soberlynn @jessi @ms-penelope-dropped @mac007 @bondi @jules @seizetheday @normalucid lovee yyou all it dont pop up with your names so hope its right. Love to all of you.

    • Hey @janus2 – I put a post for you just a day or 2 ago. I’m still here. Not several times a day, but quite often lately. Hope you’re still doing well. Happy New Year girly! 🙂 (Hearts & Hugs-Jessi)

      • Omg there you are! I still love ya to bits, you are so often in my thoughts lol how wierd is this when i am swim teaching!!! Hopr yourboys ate mighty fine as are you. Lovr to you my friend.. tehe sending up prayers. God dam we have to meet one day xo♡

        • I was so happy to see you are swim teaching again @Janus2 – I hope you work with better people now. My boys are wonderful still! And yes, I still plan to make it to your part of the world some day!

    • @normaleelucid – yes, missing you XXXX and the others too. Nostalgia for the old days. Hi Bondi and Jules – Bondi pops in occasionally Janus. But where are you our treasured, beloved @Quietlydone?

    • Ahoy there @janus2 I keep a quiet profile, but I’m very much with you all and still staunchly sober. I keep up with your news and continue to be so very proud of you, you lil star you 😊

    • Hi little buddy @janus2 Busy time of year with family staying, I check in quite often to keep up with you. I love your posts, almost always brings a smile. I am also proud to know you and look forward to catching up soon. But where is our @quietlydone?? xoxo

    • Hey @janus2 I’m here lots still just lurking about. But since updated site I don’t get email notifications anymore.
      I’m doing alright thanks, currently lying here listening to a mozzie in the room that I can’t flippin see to kill!
      I’ll have to go into settings and see if I can suss out my email guff. You’re such a beautiful soul thanks for the thinking thought xoxo

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