• janus2 posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    @bondi merry christmas my friend. Xo♡

    • Thank you my little buddy @janus. I am very blessed to have all my family with me now until end of January. Lots of fun in the sun and ocean for us! Hope to catch up with Charlie emjaycee and treehugger at Ohope in the new year. Funny I had my first drinking dream after almost 1500 days wtf is that!! Anyway it only strengthening my resolve to never let that poison into my life again. I am a wee bit behind in the happening here but know you have sold property, where to for you now, off to Golden Bay (equal in beauty to eastern BOP!) another teaching job? Please don’t take on too much, have a wonderful Christmas and don’t let family stuff it up, take good care of you because we love you and need you here. Xoxo

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