• janus2 posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Well….. maybe just maybe if im applying for a country school i shouldnt dress too out there as i did today lol… i actually did a farkn good interview, threw the BOT a few curly questions, maybe 2 curly. And mayb i SHOULD DRESS MORE CONSERVATIVELY lol @bondi @prudence . I got rung by the p said i interviewed really well but BOT chose a teacher with rural school experience wtf does that mean? That i dont step in cow poo to get my mail? So nxt job i may wear jeans gumboots and a swandri (nzers) so ho hum. Lol i did walk in look at them and think, oh hello dowdy charlies!!! I am lucky that at times i do have a filter on my mouth. Admittedly when man rang he said…fandangle what did you wear…i told him… his reply well maybe black tights inatead of farking tartan, jesus wept i laughed, says the man who wears the same clothes day in day out, but give him, he changes his gruts. Anywhoo peace out all, pet day tomorrow, wtf is that about lol. Country bumkins aye. Next job in line arent for country schools lol.

    • Ah well you might have made a lucky swerve out of that one @janus2 🙂

      Stoopid idiots don’t know a breath of fresh air when it smacks them in the mouth with a pair of tartan tights 😉

    • pet day @janus2, gorgeous! Best wear gumboots for that I reckon…your man changes his gruts? Keeper!! Agree with her above – stoopid idiots xoxo

    • @janus2, maybe you dodged a bullet… looking forward to hearing when you get the position that’s perfect for you

    • Yep if going for another country position gumboots with fishnet tights next time lovely! Nope not conservative !

    • got a be you, @janus2, so, find the job that loves you.

    • HELLO DOWDY CHARLIES!!!! pure @Janus gold!
      Be you as when you get the job you have to go every day and you have to be accepted and a “fit” for where you are.
      Love and heres to tartan tights!

    • Phew! So pleased you failed that one. haha. I reckon you’re doing far too much already, well, at least enough. Why don’t you just keep your energy focused for now on selling the property, keep your attention on it and thereby maybe attracting a buyer. Then you can both move to Mot and that would be the time to make new beginnings in the work field. Do you really hate the job you have now? Coz 3 days a week seems about right. I was a country bumpkin by the way Missie and I loved pet day. I even got on TV when I was 8 with my sheep Toby dressed as a hitch hiker with Mums black stretchy pants and a stripey shirt, dark sunglasses and Aunty Mary’s backpack. I was on the Town and Around Show with Bernard Smythe (if any NZ’ers are old enough to remember it) hehehehe

    • Really loved this post of yours, Janus. And when its followed up by your beautiful reply to Lucylocket…well, some of us, anyway, know both sides of Janus. The fun, and the thoughtful. I see you, Janus.

    • Sorry for late reply my wee friend @janus2 Been down on the farm and offline…which I love. Think I agree with Prudence, you don’t need to prove anything here, take your time looking for more work and the stress that could come with the change, focus on selling property and enjoy time with man and the perfect job for you will appear. And don’t ever dress to please anyone but you…just love you as you are. Big hugs xoxo

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