• janus2 posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Fuck interview tomorrow 2.15. That was farkn quick and am shitting self lol. Damit i have to look conservative like the vicars daughter i am lol but (very secular)! But will have wee janus twist orange skirt/ tartan tights i got in Sotland and fuck me boots lol. I so didnt expect it as its a holiday here but not where i applied .
    Damit fatbum trpped over door way and seriously hurt hind leg, she has been a right farkn pussy (shes a dog) . I got her clipped other day, and omg seriously hilarious. I had to buy her a coat as she was shivering. But hey shes 15. I am in bed horse tranquilisers on board @bondi, vowing to wow at interview. Just bit worried as bit of jump in school size but can say no if really unsure in end. Cant get stress job, get unwell, mentally and physically. Damit fuck being a Bipolar bear and pancreatitis. Oh @prudence decided to flag Aus and sister at xmas my thinkn round it got too stinking, round weight issue. Wait till man and i know what happening Going to do my swim school again in picton and add Ward. Keep me busy, as need income over summer, as only get hol paye. Oh and if those who interested lol got 2 new bras today, god damit theyr perky. 😉 . Anyway getn slurry. Peace out all. Wish me luck at 2.15

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