• janus2 posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    Well this chick is a little stoked, miffed, excited and thankful. Craker weekend at kaiteri beach, then over takaka hill to beautiful Whaariki ?beach. walks long beach, pukekos, wood piegeons, moreporks, i wana live in kaiteri! Couldnt quuite understand it, man brort me back, was little worried bout pus bucket car going there, tho love driving, bn told i drive like possum bourne. Goung to chch tomorrow asked man what the fuck you kut! He was driving back to blenheimlick. Next he pulled up in this flash as Ford Focus Ghia, blue, came inside said right your driving!!! Omg its gorgeous to drive, lol 0 100 in 2 secs. Came home handed me the keys and said right, now i dont have to worry bout your car. What the fuck, am super excited, driving to chch in Style. And here no more cops watching my car. Told me he took my pus bucket thru wash and rest of right bumper came off, wtf, $500 trade, site unseen lol. Wtf, god all ive put him through, for number of years, him coming up to Hamiltin when in looney bin cus 8 forgt he split and i had no one else, my cancer,pancreatitis, bipolar, alcoholism, list goes on aye hes forked out so much $for private hospitals, my radiotherapy, cysts cancer. Still dont know how hes put up with me, tho we have so much banter, its so cool. I did say i will pay him back, he said nope, you are, wtf, he said, not drinkn, workn ×3 jobs, love teachn, stable mentally, tho hates my sisters said hes proyd of me for reaching out and reconnecting. Seeing niece in chch tomorrow, and my great nephew, 4.11 seeing nephew and great nephew at my lawyered up sister in Nelson, at her mill $ home, txt frm her said dinner at hers, my reply need to leave at 8 for school Monday. Today got message frm yes, nasty sister in Sydney, saying her boy 19 asked me to go over for camping, 4-12 Jan omg. Cant quite believe it. I know that @prudence @marmite and @mrs-d have helped with this. Ive put my big girls pants on and made 1st contact, after being so hurt and alone after my mum died in 2014. And believe you me, i was a blithrring mess. Seizures after stopoing drinking, hospital, bitch swim owner screwing me around, me going to ERA and satisfaction and winning, tho a mess. God dam wasnt i a mess!!!! Oh so suicidal. But despite every thing i am alive, hard to believe but am. Jesus wept oh so many rehabs, residential care, upsetting parents sisters. Huge grief with Mum. Dont want to get too excited, but things looking up. I will time to time have bouts of pancreatitis, you LISTENING EARLY SOBRIETY, DUE TO PISS, SO STAY OFF IT.
    So this chick super excited, oh and had my 1st dream i remembered in yrs, “i slapped a kid, out of class, he said “why you do that, “what i replied i tickled you, lol woke in cold sweat.
    So now i can travel safe to chch. Right to bed, horse tranqs on board, nite all

    • @Janus52, super happy that you are in a good place having good people reach out and touch your life. Keep on keeping on!

    • Made my day today @janus2. Doing all the right things brings you to where you are, so much hard work and struggle, so happy to see you thriving, doing well with a man who loves you too.
      Up at sparrows fart and yes jesus wept when I read this post.
      lots of love xxx.

    • Relieved and happy to hear from you. Take care in the flash Ford! 🙂 ♡♡♡♡

    • Oh Yay! A new car is always a handy gift! What a generous man he is, So pleased for you.
      You make you’re own luck mate, and you’ve made plenty. Time now for things to go your way. Enjoy. Drive safe. Hope to see you Friday xoxo

    • Wow I’d like to meet that man of yours and shake his hand, and you…you’re even stronger than you think, you know, coming through all that. Just think of all that our sobriety enables. There sure are a lot of things to be happy for, if we look for them. Great post, Janus, so happy for you. Oh and from your description of the old car, I’d have to agree that a trade in was a good move.

    • Wow! Well, you are a legend and obviously your man recognizes that:). Love you lady and happy to hear life is good for you. Keep on keeping on..and inspiring all of us.

    • Aw such an awesome post @janus2 , safe travels lovely xx

    • you are sounding so good chickadee! x

    • Awesome news @janus2… you deserve much happiness my dear friend. That man is a real keeper…enjoy the drive in style. Xoxo

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