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    You possibly get more out of Rational Recovery website as thats where AVRT came from @lucy

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    Who you talking bout @jocord !!!😁 oh yes Hack, thats awesome too. I love these docos as it looks thoroughly into how “religion” to use it for mafia like activities. “Family” is mouth opening gobsmacking wtf with the U.S

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    @tom4500 the doco on The Family was very good. The aspect that intrigues me is how entrenched religion is. It totally disregards the fact that senators have affairs, yet state that have religion. In this doco it has Carter and Bush saying how invaluable Coe was to elections, he started this “Family”. I have no issues with religion as such but when its used to abuse power you are in, then I do. It even documented that Trump has been now brought into Family. I found it crazy. Coe died in 2017, his 2 sons taken over reigns. I realise religion is very important partof American psyche, but also find it wierd how they accept what happens and say God will forgive. I realise this arena not/should/could not be for this site, but be interested if others watch “Family” how their viewpoint is. As an aside going to see my 17mnth nephew(great) soon, super excited. Hows your gkids xo

    • I just started it @Ro. I also started the one about how Cambridge Analytica used data to win elections across the world for the highest payer. Yep, Trump is one of them. It just makes me say screw them all. What the fuck kind of chance does the average little guy have anymore? Just try to make our little space as good as we can, I guess.

      • Who you talking bout @jocord !!!😁 oh yes Hack, thats awesome too. I love these docos as it looks thoroughly into how “religion” to use it for mafia like activities. “Family” is mouth opening gobsmacking wtf with the U.S

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    Anyone in U.S watched “the family” interesting into your polictics, past and present.:-)

    • haven’t watched the family. is it good? @janus2

    • Haven’t watched it. Politics is complicated. Not a nice arena. I used to love our system and our constitution; it has lost some of its luster. I believe local politics are better, but those in Washington seem to sell their soul to the party line.

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    Oh christ and i always wanted to be a aitrline hostess!!!! Not only would i be pissed, but as a friend said if anyone pissed me off, a drink in their lap, 🤨 1 for them one fot me!!!!

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    Fuck me @winner used enuf emogis?

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    I’d be up for that. March? Be very cool for catch up. Hope all can get there.xo

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    Good on ya.

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    Hey @robynb i read in our NZ newspaper you are having huge summer temp mmm. But causing fires. Due to apparent global warming. What you think?

    • I dont think, I witness. Oddly enough, it is an accepted fact and stated as such in the oil settlements and in the town’s and (mostly) villages. A gentleman working at an airfield in one of the villages was discussing the frequent flooding due together temps, and The changes to wildlife habitat recently. It global warming and it is having a huge impact, causing entire villages having to relocate. We are having fires, but that is par.for the course, I don’t know if they are any worse than normal. It has certainly been a dry.year with drought all over the state.

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    shit @robynb sorry about your ABB shithead, not a nice thing to happen. Yes @frog I agree with you as well as robynb . I’m not sure if I noticed any warning signs. The main thing that really got me I think was that I didn’t go to Noumea, with absolutely no warning as to what was going to happen. And the way that I found out he had taken someone else was that I rand the hotel we were to stay in, that was the most gutting I think. Anywhoo applying for jobs tonight, really just short term. Fucking bastard, cunty fucking bastard, total dick-thwacker xo

    • That is unbelievable! Who does that???!! Ggrrrr

      • C*nty fkn bastards, that’s who ☹️

        But our Janus is rising like a Phoenix eh babes? Xxx

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      Oh Chick just caught up with your posts, big hug to you. Sometimes change is a blessing in disguise that we only see after time has passed and we look back. Let the emotions flow, be kind to yourself, know there’s lots of people on here rooting for you 💐🌺🦋

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    Lol i knew that dufus i was having you on… congrats on another grandy omg i am so laughing @tom4500

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    Ha DO NOT allow them to say he needs to be more responsible or build resilience! Thats passing the buck and putting blame back to you. Ask to see his books so you can see if teacher is tracking his progress! No comments in books no tracking. Ask to see reading probe or running record he should have 3 by now. You need to just find out what hes like in class, then you need to say, right if works not done in school you want to know and he has to bring it home. OR he needs time to finish at school. Whats his class size. Teachers piss me off lol. Me included! Good luck @mullycatnz

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    @tom4500 that would be very cool to have a big brother, am sure the conversations would not be stilted. Still not heard a thing from the witches! 🤔 thanks for the offer 😘

    • Well I didn’t make that very clear, did I….it’s Alexander that’s going to be a big brother. found out on our trip to see my son, DIL, and Alexander this weekend. Just 8 weeks along so far, so it’s still a deep secret; but they never hear from NZ, so I thought I’d share the news with you. Life is great. Most of the time. Except when it isn’t. You take care.

      • Lol i knew that dufus i was having you on… congrats on another grandy omg i am so laughing @tom4500

      • Congratulations on another grandchild on the way @Tom4500. I was at a family wedding on Saturday, feeling a bit jealous of my cousin, mother of the groom, with her 5 young grandchildren at the party.

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    Fuck today has been long, not boring just long, took 2 kids for swim lessons, met a friend for a coffee. Its been fucking pissing down all day and that really fucks me off as well…GOD I HATE RAIN.. It also hit me how much man and I used to communicate through txts, ha as I feel very friendless with my phone. Ha I keep looking at it…and zip nada txts. It feels very fucking weird and to be honest very lonely. Then it got me thinking really who am I without him, how fucked up is that???? Then I started going through all my shitloads of emails, fuck a few years… came across emails from my cousins overseas trip before she died in 2017. Emails from a member here who died and how weird her anniversary is August 6th. I kept them all but it just got me thinking ya know. Old emails from members here giving me a right kick up the arse, yes right back at 2016. Jesus fucking wept. Can I blame this mood on the fucking rain, you bet I will, got to blame someone!!!!! It seems man cant wait to get rid of me… sent me an email saying that he will put what I have in his container on a back-load and send it over and that was via an email. Fuck its like ok how long has this merry little dance with the big fat ugly troll really been going on for? I feel like being in one of those crime movies, where you write “your a slut” with cut out letters from newspapers then post it….but I will control that urge….or will I? Oh I just don’t know. I don’t even really have the luxury of phoning a sister and going blah….I spoke to one… that was all good… it would have gone round the grapevine by now, yet nada! They all will be shitting themselves that I will go nuts again and end up in the mental hospital, drunk or dead and that’s the truth and really they were stoked that I had man to be there… I wont here from them for a while….maybe christmas, omg I have that to cope with yet fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck. School goes back tomorrow and…[Read more]

    • Oh Hun!! Not much I can say to all that except you are really going through a shit time, but wow!! It may not feel like it but bloody hell talk about balls of steel!! If you can get through this, I reckon you’re well on the road to success. Life can only get better from here, and your ex sounds like a frigging looser so you’re well rid!! Hold on your frigging fantastic!! Sending love and more virtual steel for ya balls xxxx

    • yes, life sucks shit some days, it is the other days I wait for. hope it stops raining where you are, @janus2. sending hugs. arghh. hate those bleeping bad days.

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      I’m thinking your umbrella turned inside out and is the cause of your mental space. Best find an umbrella that works to keep your dry. LOL. Life is 💩 sometimes. But we are always here for you and your rants. Xoxo

    • Wouldn’t it be great to say what you really thought in a job interview? I went from tears for you, for me and my past, to a snort of freeing laughter – you bring out every emotion which is really shit at 3am – can’t sleep – something so foreign to me. It has been such a disrupted weekend of work craziness.
      Pity about the ugly blisters, but they will see you make it through the other side of this pain, and that will be good.
      Wishing I could hurry the process of the pain and adjustment for you, but damn it, it is not easy, not quick – but healing is way faster and more complete healing without numbing out
      XXXX hugs. Hope to see you down here soon?

    • Stupid rain xoxo

    • Hard in winter when the outside weather seems to reflect inside misery and there doesn’t seem a break from it. A little constitutional trip to Chch? Probably bloody cold, but might be dry. Or what about a trip to Hamner Springs @janus2, some hot pool therapy for you. The end of relationships is just totally shit, no way around it really. You are in a different place in yourself to when you met him, which was before I was here I think. Lot of water under the bridge since then.
      I know, I know, job applications; bleugh. It’s all so fake. Sigh. A game we have to find some way to play if we can. xxx

    • There’s only one thing for it unfortunately, and that is to put your shoulders back and simply get on with it. It is faaaarking rough, we all agree, and all feel deeply for you, and the emotional pain you are going through. But somehow you have to put one foot in front of the other and get on with the applications, and hopefully with seeking out a new place to live. It is better to be alone and lonely than to compromise your well being by living with a pisshead. So wrong on all levels. You will rise up @Janus2 coz you have in you such strength and determination. Such heart. You are a survivor. Don’t let a man, your man whom you miss, be the thing that breaks you. You might feel like going to pieces, but it’s so empowering to come out a winner. I’m hoping you will move very soon and put yourself out there for relief teaching within the area you move to. Try not to procrastinate. Or wallow in the pain. You can do that later if you want to. Now is the time to act. Tell man to hold off with his delivery as you are shifting shortly. Try to use this early morning monday to shrug off some of the pain, enough to try to make a new beginning. We are all here supporting you. Xxx

    • Okay. Do you need to be reminded that sometimes the worst things that happen to us turn out to be the best things? I was heart broken after my last two break ups, but you know what? I decided I wasn’t going to wait for. Guy any longer to live a happy life, I was going to be happy now and have adventures. It’s going to be tough, it is tough. It hurts like he’ll but it will get better. We love you. Now, go for that bike ride tomorrow, and I will too and wonder, how the he’ll could I ever keep up with that woman?

    • Woodstock?? No. Samoa, okay, I get that, but Woodstock?? Smile, Janus, you’re my friend. Hey, I’ll let you be the fifth person in the world to know, because it’s still a guarded secret, but somebody is going to be a big brother.

    • Sucky rain. Do you put earbuds in and listen to stuff while biking or too dangerous? Anyway I have been listening to old mate Ekhart Tolle and thinking when stuff gets tough maybe you could re listen to him. Pain body and all that. I literally listen to one of his books every single night to distract crazy brain. Take care xx

    • Frog replied 1 month ago

      The man’s a fool, or, as we say here in the deep south, a dickhead. You are impressive that you AREN’t stooping to cutting out and posting shitty messages that would make you look like the lead in “Play Misty For Me.” You graceful, funny, strong lady. No fool is going to keep you down.

    • Oh @janus2 I JUST read this…and I’m so sorry you have to have THIS HELL and I am hugging u in cyberspace!!!!
      But of course ya made me giggle with “fuckity fuck fuck” ☺ and what ya wish you could say while applying and interviewing…HAHAHAHA priceless
      How are you right now, friend? Oh…today is Aug 22…LOL

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    Actually you fucking rock 😉🤗 was it cathartic to write that? I bet it was. Hard yakka but you got there. Well done you @kitten go shout yourself something xo

    • You rock too, @janus2 – yes, totally cathartic writing my tome. love the word yakka, looked it up, australian origin for work, usually used as in hard work. be well.

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    careful @robynb thaey could get big heads lol joking

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    AND you are all farking AWESOME and I hate that word. wish I a fly on the wall

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    Ya know what I am fucking over this rain in Marlborough, cant cycle, cant hill climbs so…. over it, all am doing is watching Janet King on Netflix!!!!!! Where are you @reena and thanks for your messages, mean heaps. Three thing in the pipeline, apply for 3 short term teaching jobs, al in chch which would be or checking out more about this swimming job in Motueka that sounds promising. OR apply for a teaching job in Samoa, something different aye, 2-3 yr contracts and teaches are gods over there. 🙂 Oh and finally got email today from man ohhhh he sending all my stuff, over, little does he know I might be there, crak up…justice cunt.
    Anyway Im exhausted hope rain ends soon. Peace out all. hows it hanging @enzedgirl @liberty @prudence @marmite. Also still thinking of you @oceania 🙂

    • Samoa sure sounds like an adventure. Kind of far away from everybody though, could you handle that? Two years isn’t too long. I suppose if they treat their teachers like gods, you get good medical insurance.

    • Good to see you back here! I know you’ll do what is best for you.

    • Hey you, I’m having a little weep after reading kitten’s beautiful post up above. Sunday morning meh’s kicking in. But actually yesterday was a good day for me, got in the garden a little and wasn’t a total ball of pain afterwards. Just being able to do that and not writing myself off in the process cheered me up no end. Today probably can be good too.
      With the jobs, what would set you up to fail the least @janus2? By which I mean, where do you think your resilience is at. A big risk means a big payoff if it works out and also potentially a bigger crash if it doesn’t. What would be kindest for you right now? Just things to ponder. Hope it goes ok with man…

    • Oh ‘ullo darling nice to see you here! And great to see you looking onwards and upwards.

      I’m good, we’ve spent the week down at my auntie’s, rode past our house on Pipi Ave a few times, remembering that nice weekend we had here.

      Thinking of organizing a gathering in Spring time, north island, would you be up for it if you’re in NZ?

    • Keen as mustard!

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    Nah, she pays the rent as I live in Springlands and rent pretty high. We get on well and shes been great with shit bout man xo

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    Ha god ive got a lazy cunt of a flatmate, does fuck all round the house. Whinge over lol

    • Gojo replied 1 month ago

      Time for a different flattie?

      • Nah, she pays the rent as I live in Springlands and rent pretty high. We get on well and shes been great with shit bout man xo

    • hey, @janus2 – it is always a toss of the dice when you start living with someone, male, female, dog, cat, snake, whatever it is. it changes you, you change it, glad you get on well. maybe the lazy will slowly morph into doable. be well.

    • @janus2 do they need to stop drinking? Since I stopped I can’t stop friggin cleaning 😂😂😂

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    Why didnt you tell me thats awesome @prudence. Its going to be full of laughs xo

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    Antabuse rocks my soul! Takes decision and tooing and frowing away. Good on ya

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    Oh my god, thats horrible, @tom4500 hope your ok xo

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    Oh am here @robynb not been on much just bit of shit going on e.g man and i have split, out of the farkn blue aye. Didnt go to Noumea but the cunt took another chick! Lol i rang the place and a chick answered. Been a bit bawly?
    But pulling self together slowly. Just yrying to gather my thoughts and regroup aye. I be ok had lots of support from @prudence @marmite jesus wept and many others! So no alaska! I have been wondering weather it was my health that he was over with and other shit! Possibly due to my years of boozing am always have health issues, actually i just dont know!!! So anywhoo…. all i can do is regroup, exercise? and do some deep thinking. As i have if i didnt have so many people rooting for me, 1st time in my life! Hoping that people whove helped me recently @liberty etc i appreciate sooo much. Right meds and bed. Love ya, thanks for shout out xo

    • Maybe he’s just an asshole. Ok, he might be ok in some ways but that is crappy to Do You that way. Anyway, love you dear lady. If you aren’t coming here, I have coming there in my bucket list. I want to go on a bike ride with you, though it might be the death of me, lol.

      • Frog replied 1 month ago

        I’m with robynb, @janus2. He’s a dickhead. You know, we all can be kind, etc etc. But, if someone really loves you, he’ll stick by you. (This doesn’t apply to sticking by an abuser…). I’ll wager, if you really look back, you’ll see a lot of red flags you maybe ignored.

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    Just to say, as posted too bloody quickly. @jules heard from @prudence and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. Will be in contact. Xoxo

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    @seizetheday @seedynomore todays another day. Yeah man is a puntface! Just little things that have happened between us and its like alarm bells shuda gone off but didnt, well they did but i ignored. When my car shat itself on way to mot, i rang him said wont be over. Then shat itself 7.15 in a.m on eay to work txt him,, all i got was txt back going bugger! Oh i dont know aye. Lol yesterday rang his work, found out chick is overseas!!!!! Chick he stayed with at some time. Anywhoo my evil brain took over and i did a few things, that i hope he goes back to work to a shit storm! Anyway i need a bike, chemist, blah blah. Peace out all. Xo

    • Hey you I didn’t see your post. Until just now scrolling through. Dunno what happened there! Man that’s all mind messing stuff init. And stuff you don’t need!! Hope you got on your bike – weather was crap as up here, that’s my excuse anyway haha. And I hope you get some sleep tonight and stay with us all please? There’s a heap of people here that care about you very very much! Sorry to yell haha. Have happy sleeps my dear xo

    • Went looking for you to see how you were doing, and found this. You sound better, and I’m still not sure what happened, but it’s really none of my business. Figured it was your man. This is a good one for you and your LS sisters here. Had to laugh about your evil brain making you do a few things, remind me to stay on your good side! Peace out right back.

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    Indentify the stress!? I say “stressed” but really what was it, or is it just emotions?? What made you pick up? Stress or really WANT? Our thinking processing are bit fucked so i would unpack that thought. Whoops thats bit deep so hope you understand xo @lee

    • Your right @janus2, there was some lingering nonsense going on in my head before the hurricane even developed here. I Didn’t want to drink, really, I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable or vulnerable either. Mainly that. My bit fucked thinking process went to just fucked and now it’s back to a bit fucked which is way better then completely fucked always. Makes sense? ha. You know life tosses us all sorts. I’ve got to learn to deal with it. Glad I went directly for the hard stuff though. Couldn’t stomach it. I’m glad and it’s over. Hope your doing better!

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    @seizetheday not sure how i do it but i just keep getting up. Funniest thing is a couple of days ago, emailed school in Samoa, they replied just now, saying send in c.v. not told @prudence @marmite @liberty and others lol YET. I did it on a whim..as knew there were jobs there. I am good, just thoughts all over place and not bipolar thoughts just what..where to thoughts. I also thank mum and dad, who i am thinking of lots bout..that i got the ability to say way back..i will proove i am worth it! I have my teaching, and my swim teaching..all of which can only help me move past this… i will do it..but think this is the last time to try aye. If this flops, so will I. Does that make sense? Anyway sun is out, time for a cycle. Get those fat little thighs moving. Kiss fuckafuckas arse for me lol. Joking, god i hated that hobbiton town lol. Xoxo

    • You do just keep getting up @janus2. You really always keep trying to find a way forward which I admire a lot. Stay strong, friend.

    • Charge ahead @janus2 – we’ve all learnt to rock on even when we have no idea how the hell we’re going to do it. The important thing is keeping momentum. And yes hang on to those things inside of you that your mum and dad have instilled. No one can steal that from you. It’s nice to hear from you, I went into fuckafucka the other day to have lunch with my daughter. Don’t miss it a bit.
      Happy cycling and big hugs xo

    • I think it’s cool @janus2. Why not explore it. An application is not a decision, it’s just an application. And you won’t flop, even if it doesn’t work out. It might feel like that now, but you won’t. You’d better give up being so fattist if you’re going to teach in Samoa though lady; you’ll be surrounded by so much delicious coconut-rich, carbohydrate dense food…. 😀

    • No harm in applying. Great you have your career skills. I’m too old and crusty to use mine as a hairdresser. Shit pay for sore feet and worn out shoulders. Don’t know how Stylie does it.

    • Good to hear you are out on that bike @janus2 !

    • thinking of you @janus2.

    • Not sure how I feel about you going all the way over there, but guess it doesn’t hurt to put it in the mix. Could be a bit tricky if the bi polar ever flared up, but I guess they must have the means to help there just like here. Me and my brother Al are wanting to visit a friend there some time, so could come and check on you @Janus2. Your own swim school business in Mot would be better though and it’s do-able xoxo

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    Bit of a bitch aye @mrs-d not think i can share on here much as its changed a tad but i will share. @prudence @marmite knoe but thats it at this point. Suffice to say all bit pear shape. I WILL GET THROUGH, not happily maybe but will. Xo

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    No need to say thanks re your post back, is what it is, we all acknowledge that @jb-ob just keep going, youll get there, truely you wiil, as i will. Its life after all. Xo

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    @J.O.OB hey your shyte is not shyte, mine is no more difficult then my, its just not the same, thats all. So no thoughts round that. Just keep posting on here xo

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    Yeah me 2. Life farkn bullshit, and ehats the point, live, die wtf.

  • janus2 posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Ya know right now i want to turn to old timers.@tom4500 want to bawl..@mrs-d @bondi @prudence @marmite @enzedgirl @morgan @pearl @seizetheday @trace @liberty i need help big time, i swore not to come on here, as been so good. Now not, not drinking, cant sleep, wana drink.. keep crying.. 2 of you know why. Now i have no life.. no goals..no place to call home. In my head am going.. cant believe was such a dick..just keep crying regardless of double meds I’d stashed.

    • Don’t know you Janus2. But sending you love. This too shall pass.

    • Hey you precious thing. I’m so sorry it’s all awful. I wish I could wrap you up and just put you in my pocket for a wee bit.
      I’m trying to piece things together as to what’s happening. Please please please just sit tight right now my dear. I understand why you’d want the relief of booze to block it all out. But don’t add more mess please my dear. You are hugely precious to us. There’s people that need you, and things still to be done in your life that you need a sober brain for. Hope you can reply soon xo

    • Hey hey our Janus what’s going on hon? I know things have been very tough recently but this sounds like something else has happened – a turn for the worse? Thinking of you darl, don’t drink, it only makes shit much shitter.

      @morgan @prudence @mrs-d !!!

    • Big hug to you from across the globe, @janus2.

    • @janus2 big hugs lady.

    • Hold tight @janus and look after yourself. Make yourself your top priority, lots of self care. Lots of love , hugs and strength from me to you hunxx

    • Here too thinking of you. xx

    • Sorry things have taken a turn for the worse @janus2. I am holding positive thoughts for you and hope something great happens for you shortly. I have missed you and your posts!!!

    • Ring me again when you wake up @janus2 and we will try together to find something positive in this appalling situation. I’ve never in my life known anyone who goes through so many extreme challenges as you do. The only upside to that is it makes you one he’ll of a strong lady, even when your heart aches real bad. Thank you for reaching out to us, we are your friends. Don’t you forget that. There is a way through this. Big hugs and much love and tenderness and care. We are all here for you. It is OK to spill it all out on here. A Bude shared is a burden halved as my dear departed Mum used to say xxx

    • burden

    • @janus2 – I’m so sorry to hear you are in pain. Not sure why you swore not to come on here, but we love to hear from you. Glad to hear you haven’t drank because if there is one thing I know for sure, drinking alcohol doesn’t help any situation. Happy, sad, angry, grief, regret – none of those emotions are helped by having a drink. Hang tight lovely xoxo

    • Can only imagine what’s up, Janus but I’ll tell you this…everything seems the worst right after the storm. And, everybody is a dick sometimes, so don’t kick yourself too hard for being human. It doesn’t feel like it, I’m sure, but already you’re picking up the pieces. There’s lots of us around who love you, including the little ones we’re all so fond of. Give it a little time. Things will work out.

    • Sending love to you @janus2! I don’t know what’s happened. You light my world from afar. xoxoxoxo

    • Oh f%$ing hell @Janus2. I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain. Call Lizzi!

    • I’m so glad you posted @janus2, you know there are so many of us who want to be there for you when things get rough. I’m just so sorry sweetheart that you are going through it all again. Yup we’re all dicks sometimes, go easy on yourself please. Easy to say I know. Keep posting if you can. Lots of love xxx

    • @janus2, you are much loved! Keep posting please, this community is here for you as much as it ever has been. Big emotions coming at you but you have built your sober muscles so hugely over the past few years so you can weather this storm. Dig deep lovely, big hugs x

    • @janus2, remember the goat track? The mountain. The view? The fresh air. Never, ever give up. It’s ALWAYS worth it. You’ve got us goats walking with you. Aren’t we a bunch? Wiry, resilient, resourceful. Kooky. Slightly weird and wired. We love you. Be brave xxx

    • I’ve got a little ditty for you. If emperors run the empires, and kings are in charge of kingdoms, then who runs the countries? I don’t much know what to say when you are distressed but I’m here to say you are very valued and special to many. Take care and accept the help being offered by all the wonderful people here. xxxx

    • I’m glad you came here. You always have us xx

    • Keep reaching out darling Jane, we’re all here for you xx

    • Wtf. Love you, dunno what happened but love you and want so much for you to be feeling well and happy. 💚💚💚.

    • love to you, @janus2

    • Hope you are okay @janus2 – you have a lot of support. Just hang in there! Sending positive vibes your way.

    • I bloody love you @janus2 from a big old distance – so sorry things are horrible and tough. All strength and positive thoughts to you. Keep going, breath by breath…and we’re here xx

    • Good god hon, missed this – look at how far you have come already – like in two, no, three days. There will be horrible hours and days – I know this all too bloody well, both situations apart from the extra violence laid on, both so long ago, but there are times when it is pretty overwhelming. (Thank god for brain-take-over training) XXXXX Grab all the support you can, from wherever/whoever is caring – and come down if you can or want to XXXXX have bed

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 1 month, 1 week ago

    Fuck @robynb life turned to shit lol

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hey am here, just going through tough shit at moment. Nice to see you here, previous name was.. dont want to say all good. But we are here, yes lol was/is swim teacher.

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 1 month, 1 week ago

    From one who used to slug it back! Like not vino but spirit. Dont read medsafe shit, gives you more farkn anxiety then necessary. I drunk 2 bottles of rum.. plus..lol slowly tapered off . Not easy.. but..
    1st night drink what you do
    2nd night 1 less.. blah blah no seizures. Seizures dont happen till real bad. Get diazepan or temazipan, antabuse.

    • Good on you :). Wish I could do that, just cant seem to taper no matter how good my intentions lol… perhaps I just need to get more mindset like when I gave up smoking. Funny, I can’t drink rum as had a bad experience with it many years ago… can’t even stand the smell… but have had bad experiences on other types of alcohol too but that doesn’t seem to stop me haha… funny how our bodies are…
      How long for you now?

    • @janus2 … I here you have been having a rough time of it, sorry to hear that… and here you have been replying to my shyte… hope you get through this time… everyone here has your back x

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Fark are you what @robynb such an old tart! Fark off you are xoxi? Miss ya. But farkn shitloads going on, dont feel like posting aye.🤗😎

  • janus2 posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    @ellislou where are you in that fucking wonderful land of yours. Xo

    • Yes, @ellislou, where are you?!!💜💜💜

      • So so cool I’m right behind you lol August 9th is me . Aren’t we all super stars . BOOZE SO FUCKS WITH THE BRAIN, so pleased it’s not in my life anymore but unfortunately it’s still all around me, which I can’t lie can still make it a little struggle but not such an emotional one any more ❤😁XXX

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Wtf is rootbeer, sounds slightly rude.xo

    • Seriously? You don’t have rootbeer there? Holy Moly. It’s made (or used to be made) from sassafras. Really sweet and tasty, but sweet. Good on top of ice cream (called a float). Why do I feel like I am talking with a martian right now? No rootbeer! go figure.

    • 😂 I farkin’ LOVE you! Do you have sassafras trees? I have a zillion on my property. The crushed leaves smell like citrus and the root makes sassafras tree or rootbeer. In the old westerns the cowboys would walk in the bar and order “Sassafras Tea”. I used to drink a ton of it as a kid because I thought it would get me drunk like the cowboys on tv. I was a drunk before I knew what that meant. Seriously tho’, do you have rootbeer roll candy? Rootbeer is dark and strong and creamy and a little woody and has that umami taste in the back of your mouth. As Frog said if you pop cold vanilla icecream in a glass the outside of the icecream gets crispy and the rootbeer foams up around it. Yum! Sending you wishes you get to try some.

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Boo you @tom4500 Hows those grandkids? My wee grandnephews are so fucking wonderful. Shame never know my wee granddaughters. Bit down at moment, saw you pop up and thought aaahhh. Someone i know. Xo🤗😍 not been on alot. Sort of miss it, but out of loop. Xo 😍 to Sandy.

    • @janus2 there you are! The children sure are a joy, aren’t they? You being a teacher, you know all about that. My grandkids are all above average. When they aren’t giving us fits. XO’s out to you and yours, too.

  • janus2 posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    @bondi boo

    • Lovely to see you in here @janus2, how are you going lovely? x

    • Boo back at you too. So sorry about mans son. I hope he will be ok and you are able to be with your man. He has always been so strong for you and I’m sure you will be there for him. I am a bit lost as to where you are geographically, I’m a bit hit and miss with social media. Are you finishing your teaching job? Is it a holiday you have on hold or a move? Take time to look after yourself. Sending big hugs. Xoxo

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    I think she has but may need a reminder, you no i bleat on bout it lol.

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    Tell her C U NEXT TUESDAY

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    Oh just sent you a post. You and me both having crapola days! Farkn humans aye. Punts to work with when tthey think they have power.

  • janus2 posted an update 2 months ago

    Hey @robynb trying to get through till end of our school term aye, chocka full of flu. 13 days till end of term! Shuda takn @prudence advice and not gone back to this school after op! Was called a farkn slut by a 10 yr old last friday, on tip of tongue to say, yup i know that already and no apology or stood down. Sorry 3 cunty boys rule the roost and there is no farkn folliw through. In fact sent them down after they did 10 mins reading, principal gave them 2 lollies. Setting then up for instant gratification. Got reports to do and parent meetings next week
    Lol can you see now why not been on a farkn rant. Xo @robynb thanks for shout out.

    • That’s no good, hope your taking vit c. Hope you get better soon

    • I was just thinking about you, so am glad you posted. 2 lollies? WTF is wrong with this school?

    • Ugh. Great Principal, way to go. But good to hear from you regardless:).

    • You’re a trooper @janus2.

    • Oh lord, I didn’t realise you went back silly woman!!! but I know you would want to see out the term and say goodbye etc. I cannot believe I will be missing the pay increases – how fucking shit is that????!!!!! Hope you were a member – getting the 1500?

    • Been thinking about you @janus2 ! Sorry to hear about the flu !

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Lol i hate those guided walks as well…. i end up mimicing peoples accents lol, i am so evil. So pleased your having a good time, imagine me on the balcony having a few laughs xo any hot look men?

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Whoop diddly whoop whopp @tom4500 xo

  • janus2 posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Lol you shouda given Noah a nose job!!! 😂 AND then you shuda sprayed perfume under your nose with the stinky lady or on her. Yeah i never got jet lag either, lol thats for amateurs lol lol. Wish i there xoxo

  • janus2 posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Lol now hows this for a little laugh!! Sort of. Couple of teachers crook at school bit they all agreed that theyr really crook when they cant have a couple of wines after work!!! THEN 1 said whos doing dry July???? Discussion followed, all decided nah not doing it. Wonder how many teachers having that discussion in staff rooms, i swigged my soda stream carbonated water and felt quite gloaty, so tempted to say nah not drunk for 2yrs.. computer crapped out so i was actually very shitty by the hr, trying to keep voice quiet… god i felt like screaming… THEN thought i in room at lunch and i let a ripper fart out, next minute, heard s massive laugh, heres couple of girls in room omg we so laughed, broke the monotony of being in foul mood. Seriously most unhelpful staff ever been at, FARKN BLOODY USELESS, oh to top it off case of nits in my class! Now hate this word… farkn AWESOME! Anyway should be asleep by now. Peace out. Bit of whinge but hey im allowed

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