• janetv posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Day 365. Wow. The crazy thing is, in the past 4 days I have been craving again, after months of being sure I had this puppy conquered. Wasn’t expecting that, so my smug complacency is now clearly in check. Anyway, congrats to me and all who are here. This sure isn’t “easy” but it is so worth it.
    Thank you to all of you. I still log on at least once a week (it was 10 times a day in the beginning) and will always find strength and inspiration in this safe place, You have all helped to change my life forever.

    • P.S. Where is the $7,300 I have saved by quitting? Did anyone actually put their money saved away?

    • Fantastic!!!!! Congratulations XXX Great effort. I see my savings as having gone into a safer car for my girl. In reality, I don’t think I have saved much, as couldn’t afford much wine anyway, and have replaced by all sorts of drinks, a soda stream, now keto eating which can be expensive.
      How are you going to celebrate?????

      • Thanks Morgan! A safer car is far more important than a savings account. Agreed, I too spend differently now. Healthy food and drinks are expensive. Honestly, everyday is a celebration, though I did awake to find a cookbook I have been wanting left as a congrats gift by my bestie.

    • Congratulations on one year!!! And yes, wish I had set aside my wine money somewhere when I quit as it certainly isn’t in my bank account!

    • A FULL YEAR! That’s great news for you. Dont let that evil little voice in your head try and tell you to ruin all your hard work. I’m happy for you to be able to push through the cravings and make it this far! Keep up the good work.

    • Congratulations @janetv! One year is a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud! I have found that around big anniversaries my cravings can sometimes pick up, I think it is because there is so much expectation and anticipation. Settle back into your sober routine and I bet those cravings will subside. Definitely treat yourself to a special item or gift for your anniversary though. Even if it is just something little, a momento to celebrate this occasion xo

    • Congrats on 1 year! Epic achievement. I’m so very happy for you. I find that cravings ebb and flow based on what else is going on in my life and how far I may have strayed from my sober self care like kindness towards myself, exercise, eating well, connecting with others.

      • Thanks. You are absolutely right, I was bored and stressed for a few days and that is what triggered it. Think it has passed!

    • congrats!!!!, 1 year, happy for you.

    • congrats on a year!! woot woot! keep going, soberversaries can be tricky.. you’ll get back to an easy place again soon. Remember – booze is shit and all the cool people are sober nowadays! x

    • Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Yep you can never let your guard down!

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