• Izzy posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Starting on day 4! Sometimes a hard day coming closer to the weekend and thinking I’ve done good so far and deserve a reward….not far enough I will tell myself. If I can get to day 8 that will really be something. Thanks for all of the support xo

    • Great job @Izzy! It’s great to have goals and rewards as long as your not considering alcohol to be one. We all know to well that it is not a reward, it’s a trip back to hell in disguise!

    • I agree @Izzy. I’m on day three so right behind you. I’ve got a weekend full of triggers but I feel different this week. Very determined. Let’s both report in after the weekend that we stayed AF! We can do this!

      • Good job @getclear ! I hear you on the triggers – and yes let’s push forward through and report back on Monday. I know how horrible the last 3 or 4 Monday’s have been for me and I do not want to feel that again. Thinking of you and feel free to reach out over the weekend if you need a pal!!

        • Many thanks @Izzy! I’m here for you as well. I’m focusing on “ think past the “drink”. Think back to those bad Monday’s or for me could be Tuesday’s as well. Not going back to that!

    • Hey @Izzy, you will get to day 8! And 9! And 10… Think about a reward that really makes you happy for a longer time. Some luxury, something that smells good, looks good, feels good, whatever it is – you deserve to enjoy it!!!

    • each day gets better and better and though i was told that a million times, i really did not know what it meant until the day 1 turned to 2 to 3, etc. best. day by day.

    • You can create a reward for any stage you want – 1st sober weekend, 2nd sober weekend, any milestone. Doesn’t have to be big it could be going to a movie buying a new cup for herbal tea etc. celebrate everyday sober 😁

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