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    Nothing is fun and nothing is the same anymore. cant bring myself to get a job i just surf the web and play video games each day they seem to be the only thing i can tolerate. i find myself VERY often just think of sad thoughts worrying of my moms health, about my dogs health, thinking how things use to be fun as a teenager and having a sense of normaless in my life but than things change. i know its inevitable but i remember trying to keep in touch with friends but they were so busy with there own life and college or whatever it is and they went there own way it seemed like i was the only one who tried to keep things together. you look at yourself and you start getting grey hairs your back hurts or body feels worn out. now i understand why some people do meth or drugs because of the energy it gives you to get through 8 or 12 hour workdays atleast i would have some money to show for it and feel ambitious? ( not promoting drugs but at the same time im doing nothing with my life as of now ) ive felt this way for YEARS just empty, lost, no satisfation. i honestly couldnt even pass an interview right now i would be the most monotone type of person and fail it. to many sad things to worry about on this planet and depression seems like its only increasing in this country every year! tired of it all and just want to have a good working brain again like i was when i was 16!

    • dear @imetvegeta this too shall pass!!! It’s the only guaranteed thing in life… EVERYTHING passes… so I say to you – hang on!!! for dear life… the “shit” will pass … I also say to you, when next something beautiful is present… “that too shall pass”!! so cherish every minute of it. Nothing is permanent, that is the only sure thing!!! You will be ok, but only if you want to be – x hang in there for THIS heavy moment, just rest with it and let it pass . ( I promise it will pass… )

    • Yep @imetvegeta it will pass. I know that seems hard to believe, but it will pass. A moment will come, a glimpse of something that interests you, or… be gentle on your self… be kind to yourself and hang on in.

    • That’s true there will a moment of relief but when depression is this constant something isn’t working right. I can’t mind over matter the depression it’s a disease. I take a antidepressant but it clearly doesn’t work I think I have to make a docapplintment and try another medication! It’s scary thinking about the rise in mental health worsening. Ironic that fastfoodshave been increasing in people’s diet

    • Yes, there is a lot of bad in the world. Also, there is SO much good and so much beauty and so much light. Actively seek it. Read a lot. Listen to uplifting podcasts. Get inspired by the number of beautiful and brilliant people in the world. Do not dwell on how much is bad. There have always been terrible things in the world and there always will be. To balance that there have always been incredible and amazing things in the world and there always will be. The supportive I have received in this community right here, for instance, has changed my life and I have never even met these people! That alone is a big reminder to me that there are more people who care about people out there than we often think there are. I understand that with depression, you may not be able to control the negative feelings you are constantly experiencing, and I’m glad you are heading to the doctor to try something that may work. But keep at it – every tool you practice to improve your mental health is another one in your toolbox you can fall back on when things are at their worst. We’re here for you.

    • Please, please try to see your doctor. My husband suffers from depression and it took a while to find the right medication that worked for him. But once he did, it was a complete turn-around. It was like a wet, heavy blanket that had been smothering him had been lifted off and he could finally breathe and see the light. Thinking of you dear and sending you strength.

    • Oh luv I totally hear you, and take some comfort in the fact you are totally not alone. Two months ago I honestly didn’t care if I woke up in the mornings. After totally bonging every night I don’t know how I did. It honestly just felt easier if I wasn’t here. It’s no secret drug addiction, and alcohol is a potent sneaky bastard of a drug, compounds depression and your black thoughts become everything. You feel like the living dead and there’s nothing to look forward to. Reach out to anyone you trust, even just on here, communicating your thoughts no matter how bleak will make you feel valued, and somewhere deep down offer a glimpse of hope of survival. At such a low ebb you loose all self value and worth, you need help to build it back up again. The fact you’re here is a huge start, and THE most important thing right now. Talk to people and find others that have been where you are now, that is what pulled me back from the brink. It was surprising to discover the burdens our close ones carry that you have no idea about until you open up. One friend even thanked me saying in helping me it had also helped her to heal. Keep going xx

    • @imetvegeta after my disasterous July I made some changes. I closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I removed the game apps from my phone and tablet, and I only watch local news. I realized I need to focus on me and my sobriety.

      I’m not saying you should necessarily do what I did, but that you might want to try shaking things up and try some changes. Because, as I learned in AA, if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

      Keep at it, don’t give up!

      • I am glad your husband found his way out of his personally depression! sometimes i find it HARD to come back here and reply quickly because i try to keep my mind off the depressing thoughts by playing video games or some type of escape that BARLEY is even a bandade if you could even call it that! trying to post pone depression only keeps it lingering on and on. whenever i get my sleep back on track i plan to make an appointment and see what options are available. i think its very interesting researching depression and why some people get it. people are slipping into depression more than ever and it can be a very hard hurdle to get over. i will be the first to admit lifestylewise i do not live a healthy one! i feel sick after eating nothing but junk food and ive been exercising and and trying to change up my diet. the processed fast foods i swear will cause depression long term at first it might make you feel lethargic but after a while it feels like your brain is literally running on fumes! fast food joints should probably be shut down when you stop and think about it. so many sick american and canadians its scary to think about mental health and physical health these days

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