• hummingbird posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hey you guys, it’s been forever. Loving my not drinking life, lost track but must be about 4 years now.
    I have zero desire to drink, this is from someone who had their fair share of restarts. I guess it was a process for me.
    Hey @mrs-d was thinking of you re Real Housewives of New York, so good they are addressing the booze issue, did have to cringe at last nights show tho, geez, thank goodness I am no longer doing stuff like that in the name of a good time.
    Love me a nice quiet early night with a cup of tea and some Netflix snuggling my doggy. Also feel like I literally couldn’t get away with that lifestyle any more with crazy work schedule at my age, mid 50’s.
    Have a wonderful day out there xoxo

    • Hey! Was that Sonya? I think we’re a week behind here, I watched last night and at the end saw her falling off a chair in the promo for the next episode. Interesting watching Luanne deal with not drinking as well.. knowing that in real life she’s recently fallen off the wagon. Booze always plays a big part in those Real Housewives shows.. which I’m always interested to see. Watching women getting boozed in a real sense on those shows sure is a great way to reinforce how happy I am for being sober! Great to hear you’re doing so well! x

      • sadly I purchased the series so get to see it via Amazon. We’re settled in Welly now which I am loving. Didn’t know Luanne fell off wagon in real life, guess what I’m googling now

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