• hetiheti posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    I have celebrated my 70th birthday (wow) and my 5th sober birthday …. and my gratitude list starts with …
    I am grateful to be 70 and
    I am grateful for my sobriety …
    They go hand in hand, cause without my sobriety i would not be this picture of health that i am today and i am that because i gave up that booze and went on my journey of health … so today i am healthier and fitter than i was in my 50s.
    So i come on here not to brag, but worried for those struggling and wondering if the journey is worth it all … and i say IT BLOODY WELL IS WORTH IT!
    Dont be like me and wait til you are 65 … do it now … live the life you are meant to live … bright eyed and bushy tailed, eager for each day to begin … not tired weary and forever looking and waiting for that top up to get you going again … it just isnt worth it.
    On the other side of the coin , my life isnt perfect but i live it … i handle it and i cope … the real me is way better than that other version i put up with way too long … so hang in there, be positive and love life
    On that note, happy new year to everyone in this amazing tribe that i am so proud to be a part of …

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