• heidi19 posted an update 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Yahoo, am looks day 7 in the face tomorrow! Am pretty chuffed about that!! Then double digits, wahoo! Good night beautiful people,xx.

    • Well done! It’s a great feeling. 😇

    • Great job! Keep feeling the love! You got this!

    • Day 7…woot woot! Double digits coming up! You have every reason to be chuffed about this, way to go!

    • A whole sober week that’s fantastic!!!!

    • Hi @heidi19 The weekend is on us now, so some extra care is in order. Here are some lies you will probably hear… “You’ve done well, you deserve a drink”, “just one won’t hurt”, “no-one will know”, “perhaps I’m not as bad as I thought”, “I can probably keep it under control now”. They are lies, every single one, so watch for them coming and call them out as lies when you see them. You’ve already done one weekend so you know this is possible. You’re going great! Keep doing what’s working.

      • Yes @DaveH, mona was telling me all of that last night, but ever so briefly as I said to her so nicely she had to leave as I had things to attend to! She acted like I would expect a lady would, leaving oh so quietly!! Thanks team sober!

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