• heidi19 posted an update 1 month ago

    Well good morning everyone, day 3 here for me,I hope you won’t get too tired of me being on here but feel I need to stay real close here! This warm loving place is giving me the warm fuzzies, thanks peeps! ‘Tis such a help! Just hoping all the newbies oh, and a few oldies, will join me today in not drinking! Haven’t heard from mona today yet!! It’s only 10:30am here!! I just hope she can find another drinking partner pretty dam quick so then she can leave me alone once and for all! Have a great day everyone, I know for a fact, I shall be back……..

    • I posted every day for my first hundred and lurked…a lot!

    • @heidi19. I post and lurk more! Reminds me of my goal. Stay with us!

    • Post away !!! I posted everyday for soooo long . This is a great tool for you to stay connected to your sobriety , i am rooting for you , you go girl !!!!

    • Hiya @heidi19. Your profile pic is so dear. It’s cool you’re keeping near. Trust you have some firm plans for today 🙂 That creep you call “Mona” will get her marching orders toute sweet, when she dares come crawling back for you, yeah? Tell ‘er **ck off! outloud. She’ll hate it. Bless ya.

      • Surprisingly she hasn’t reared her ugly head today, mona such a naughty friend to have! The photo is from Heidi the movie! I so loved that movie!! Thanks @malibustacey,xx.

        • @HEIDI19, the movie, hu? I just while we’re being all ‘cooshy wooshie, cozy wozy’, heh, get this straight, MONA is not your friend…. You’re knockin’ these days out’a the park, Heidi. Cool to gain distance from the ‘before 1’ day..

    • Hi @heidi19 If we could do this alone then we’d have stopped drinking a long time ago, and if it was possible then there wouldn’t be a whole industry and community based groups dedicated to the purpose. It seems we need to stay connected to power through it. We need support, reassurance, recognition and sometimes guidance. We can get all of these while we stay in touch with others that have trodden this path, but if we lose touch then we lose that whole basket of support. Post as often as you need to and understand that your messages are read by ten times the number that actually reply. When you post it will be read by others that go “me too!” and they benefit from knowing that are not alone in this challenge. You are going great. What’s the plan for 4:00 today?

      • Just had a cuppa and cracker biscuits and relish and cheese! Has hit the spot nicely! Thanks for a great reply @DaveH, never stopped to think how many old read my posts!!

    • Post away, but especially when you feel like drinking! I was afraid people would get sick of me but posting got me to over a year. What got me past day 4 was Rational Recovery. Give it a try!

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