• heidi19 posted an update 1 month ago

    Just because you hit bottom, doesn’t mean you have to stay there!

    • True❤️

    • Lee@ replied 1 month ago

      No we don’t @Heidi19! There are 2 ways we can go. All bottoms have a little trap door that allows us to fall further if we continue drinking. The best and greatest news is that we don’t have to. Strip alcohol of it’s power and it’s just a thing, an object. Take it a bit further and it becomes a human pesticide, a chemical or drug and type of poison for us with crippling effects if consumed in great amounts. Problem is that there’s no warnings on the label or anything on the bottles that says take only as directed and like with any drug we build a tolerance to it, become addicted and then there’s that little trap door at the bottom of the bottom that we can easily slip through again and again. We get to put our own label on the shit through life experience. Clever aye? Mine just says poison now and I designed that label while doing hard time in its prison. It feels great to be free!

    • But you do have to stop digging!

    • “Bottom isn’t skid row. It’s whatever level you’re at when you stop digging and start climbing.” I quote that from Scoblic or Hepola, not sure if it was original to them. I like it.

    • True @heidi19! I like the trap door idea @lee-2! So freaking true! @tom4500 i like that quote. I was listening to an AA speaker meeting on youtube and a gentleman talked about this. He said ppl confuse hitting bottom with losing everything and the skid row type thing. But he explained “rock bottom” as a mental thing. Bottom is when u emotionally realize u just can’t do it anymore. And u are ready to stop fighting it.

      • Lee@ replied 1 month ago

        Yep, @jesss! It’s not about losing material things, it’s about losing self and all of the pain and misery that comes with it when we open our hearts just a bit and see what we’ve become. It can be looked at from a positive standpoint as this is typically when we began to seek help and look for solutions although this, unfortunately, is not always the case. The ultimate bottom, I suppose, would be a tragic alcohol related death and I’ve witnessed that with far to many people. Man, it’s so great to be sober today.

      • So true @Jesss, made me realise I’m at bottom! Only one way left to go! I’m on my way up,up,up!

    • Nope. Bottom is the place I had to hit in order to bounce back up. I’m finding that the journey up may be a bit slower, but it’s definitely a much more enjoyable ride.

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