• Happyguy posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Morning all, up early, sober but feeling a bit out of sorts . Think my body is still getting to grips with no alcohol. NO PAIN NO GAIN !! Right !! lol

    • Does take a while for things to settle, drink water, eat well and it too will pass. Well done on being sober

    • Morning happy guy. I have blah days and wow days and not much in between but they are all in clarity and with enjoyment. Exercising brings the hit the next day.

    • Yeah it takes time to shrug the bastard off @happyguy. So great that you are doing this !

    • But “feeling a bit our of sorts” is probably better than puking all over the place, sweating with a pounding head though, right?

    • It will be less pain and more gain the longer your sobriety’s lasting 🙂

    • You got this. One next best step at a time.

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