• Hammer123 posted an update 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    Day 393
    Today’s thought from my big comfy chair: Start here, start today!
    This one is self explanatory, no one ever wished they put off getting sober not even one day! If you are here you have a problem of some sort with alcohol.
    Start here start today! @mrs-d started this community for people just like you and me! People who have finally realised that poisoning yourself had to stop! People who needed help and support, there is lots of that available on this site!
    The biggest thing that impacted me on this site is reading everyone’s personal stories. I could relate to them I wasn’t alone, I could lose the shame! All of these people had at least 3 years sobriety, so I new it was possible!
    Start here, start today! You are strong enough, you deserve it, your life will be better! You will be free of the chains of alcohol and the world will open up! You can be your authentic self, get in shape, be successful at work, rekindle your love life, enjoy your kids and grandchildren!
    It starts here, start today!

    • There’s no better time than right now! There’s worse times if we put it off, for sure. Thanks sober buddy, on to day 400 for us!

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