• Hammer123 posted an update 1 month ago

    Day 391
    Today’s thought from my big comfy chair: “ Yes, it’s possible”
    I never thought it was possible, how boring would life be without drinking! Drinking made life fun, it made me more outgoing, funnier, more interesting! Those thoughts are all lies, I have seen a video of me at a friends wedding and I was almost incoherent, that is not attractive, funny or interesting! Thank goodness I can’t unseen that video, it is stuck in my head. That was 20 years ago and it seems like yesterday!
    Still it took me another 20 years to quit!
    Quitting for ever is a tough task, that is a hard concept for your mind to wrap itself around! Like other hard decisions sometimes you need to play little games with yourself! If you don’t feel like going for a run, just decide you will only do half the distance and once you are out the door and start running your like well I feel ok I will do the whole thing! I do this with chores all the time I will just was the dishes and dry tomorrow, I will cut the grass and do the trimming tomorrow! The thing is once you build some momentum your like ahh may as well finish and free up tomorrow to be a lazy day! Quitting drinking can be like that, get through the witching hour and you can get through the day, Get through the weekend and your on to another sober week.Get through a month and set your sites on 60 days!
    “Yes, it is possible”, it doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it! I still tell myself this is just until I retire and then I will reassess and that might be true but I can’t see myself choosing to go back to drinking after 10 or so years of sobriety!
    Yes, it’s possible to be happy and have a fulfilling life while sober! I never would’ve believed it was possible but I am happier, healthier, more productive, more easygoing and alive than any other time in my life!
    It’s not easy but yes it’s possible!

    • @Hammer123, congratulations on your 391 days. And thank you so much for the suggestion and encouragement. Have a beautiful day.

    • Loving your post!!!! oxox
      And so so close to 400…..Holy shit, we better start looking for a good sober treat for that soberversary. 🙂
      Your post also reminded me of something Russel Brand talked about not long ago that I took to heart….and how we may not always want what we need, or need what we want.
      I liked the way you trick yourself into a run. For me it was about finding something I enjoyed for the most part (swimming and walking) but still…I often do NOT wanna do it….so I focus on how I will feel after I do it. It never occured to me until recently that most people who I admire and at times envy (successful, fit, healthy people, for example) also don’t necessarily WANT to always do the things that make them healthy and successful (whatever success means to an individual here). But..they go out and do it ….anyways.

      I don’t wanna go out into the cold today…..but I will do it anyways because it will improve my mental health by at least 3%. And that alone is worth it.

      Some days it seems a bit like a Mario Brothers game, lol…collecting coins along the way….getting stronger and growing….at times flying….then comes a mean mushroom (I do like to eat mushrooms, not the drug kinda ones though, lol) and wooosh….you feel small again and start all over. But if you don’t keep walking and collecting coins….you won’t grow again. God, I loved that game as a kid.


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      • Thanks Mari, still have that convertible I got last summer as a sober treat and I think that will carry me through this entire year! It was a little over the top that early in my sobriety but I have earned it now and loving it!

    • Yes, it’s possible……lovely food for thought…..

    • It’s possible indeed!!

    • The three biggest barriers for me were: I didn’t think it was necessary (I’m not that bad!), I didn’t think it was worthwhile (people that don’t drink are boring) and I didn’t think it was possible (I’ve tried and tried, but can’t). All three were untrue.

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