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    In need of some inspiration, so came back to read. Can’t seem to get my head in the right state to do this. How did you make the decision and stick with it?

    • Hi @grettaM! For me, remembering my bottom is very important. I have a fairly high bottom, but if I had let my drinking continue I risked my marriage and my idea of how I wanted to mother my kids. Keeping these things at the forefront of my mind helps me weather the rough patches. The longer I stay sober I also recognize the additional benefits to my life that I didn’t even consider when I first got sober. Living a sober life is the best decision I have ever made xo

    • Hi @grettam I agree with @newstart100 on remembering the bottom. I had a low one unfortunately because I had periods of long term sobriety and forfeited it to go back to drinking only to cause further wreckage. The benefits far outweigh the cost for me and I think it’s a good point to remember that you will experience long term costs -the issue is you won’t realize it until it’s too late if you drink like I used to. Making a firm decision is when you NO LONGER allow the option of going back to drinking to remain on a shelf in your mind. The option to drink is removed from your life. 🙂

    • I decided I was an idiot when I drink. I decided I was dependant on alcohol. I was not my best self when drinking. I could run business and home and family but there was a deep part in me that knew I could be so much more than I was being. I decided that I would give the piss a miss and find my bliss. I drank for heaps for 40 years, from 18 to 58. I saw @Mrs-D on the TV and in that moment I knew I would stop, I knew then that I could and that I would, and so I did.
      Deciding is actually the key to success. It takes all the angst out of it. There’s no will I or won’t I. It is not negotiable. “No thank you, I don’t drink”. Go well. Be wise. Be brave. You will never look back.

    • its hard to make it stick, for some of us it’s harder than others, ive been trying for years but its boiled down to these things for me…knowing why i wanted to stop, believing it is for the best, finding new joys in life…im still a work in progress but coming here, podcasts, books anything about quitting alcohol, youtube real stories, have helped. also the sad stories, watching intervention, reading recover stories have all helped.

    • First time round I woke up feeling like my soul was dying, after 5 years I went back to drinking. Then dating am older guy At a dinner party I saw them all drunk. Its not pretty or elegant, took a few years but gave up for a body building competition and then decided that it wasn’t worth going backwards. I didn’t want to be an old drunk. Now going into my 6th year, goal is 10 years

    • Cancer threat.
      Early onset dementia likelihood.
      Ageing skin.
      Unable to think as clearly as I had when barely drank – and I was still managing to be pretty moderate as over 1/2 a bottle (fortunately) made me pretty ill so it freaked me out to think I may start ‘needing’ more to ‘relax’ or to numb the tough emotions.
      What’s not to love about being free, clear thinking, healthier, stronger mentally and emotionally, richer, fitter, more motivated, better more present parents/friends/siblings/sons and daughters – the list goes on, and on, and on, AND ON 🙂

    • Thanks to you all for the thoughts, input and inspiration. Some real gems from all of you!

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