• Gigi47 posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Day 10 for me today. I watched a horror movie with my daughter last night. I was sober! We screamed at the scary parts and belly laughed at ourselves for being such scaredy-cats. If I had been drinking I would have watched the movie with one eye closed just to get the tv to stop spinning and I would have passed out half way through and woke at the end with the credits running. These positive moments of not drinking is what I hold close to my heart to keep me on track and to know there is NO positive side to drinking. Today I will not drink!

    • @gigi47 – so wonderful! It is in these “little moments” that bring the greatest joy. How old is your daugther? What a gift you are to her.

    • I’ll join you in not drinking!

    • So awesome! I used to do that with movies, too. Between the fun of the movie and the cuddle time with the kids, it’s so not worth drinking! No positive side…like you said. Congrats on Day 10! I’ll join you on not drinking, too. 😀 Day 15 here.

    • A true belly laugh is a gift and equally special because you shared it with your daughter while sober. We give such a gift to our children when we can be present for them. Congrats!

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