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    Up early this morning. Heading to Niagra Falls in New York for vacation. We have never been so my family is very excited about the trip. It will be a long 8 hour drive but we are prepared. Day 15 for me today. 15 straight days of solid sleep and no hangovers. Yesterday I finally became at peace with myself and forgave myself for going back to drinking after over a year sober. It took some in depth conversations with myself and soul searching. It is not worth it to continue to beat yourself up over a mess up. Being sober not only makes me happy but it makes me feel free. Free to do what I want when I want and not have schedule things around drinking time. Life is good and booze sucks! Today I will not drink!

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    @daisy1964 Welcome!

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    Welcome! @ericabooth

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    @claire7790 welcome! You’ve come to the right place for support and inspiration

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    Welcome to this wonderful community @vanitaorr

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    Day 12 for me today. I went to a Fourth of July BBQ today. Big, big drinking day around here. I went with my favorite bottle and kept ice cold water in it. It hit the spot because it reached 90 degrees today. My hubby was enjoying many, many cold beers and refused to come home when the kids and I were ready so we left him there. The kids and I-enjoyed cooling off in the pool and relaxing watching Netflix. It feels so good to be sober!

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    @clazza49 welcome, you’ve come to the right place for support and inspiration.

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    @jo14 What a true inspiration you are! 5 years is incredible! Thanks for sharing, I can relate to so much you said, especially worrying about when to start, how much and do I have enough. So happy to not be worrying about that anymore! Enjoy your vacation!

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    Day 10 for me today. I watched a horror movie with my daughter last night. I was sober! We screamed at the scary parts and belly laughed at ourselves for being such scaredy-cats. If I had been drinking I would have watched the movie with one eye closed just to get the tv to stop spinning and I would have passed out half way through and woke at the end with the credits running. These positive moments of not drinking is what I hold close to my heart to keep me on track and to know there is NO positive side to drinking. Today I will not drink!

    • @gigi47 – so wonderful! It is in these “little moments” that bring the greatest joy. How old is your daugther? What a gift you are to her.

    • I’ll join you in not drinking!

    • So awesome! I used to do that with movies, too. Between the fun of the movie and the cuddle time with the kids, it’s so not worth drinking! No positive side…like you said. Congrats on Day 10! I’ll join you on not drinking, too. 😀 Day 15 here.

    • A true belly laugh is a gift and equally special because you shared it with your daughter while sober. We give such a gift to our children when we can be present for them. Congrats!

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    @cjblackst I woke this morning with no regrets, that’s a beautiful thing. If I had even just one I would be miserable.

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    @kathryn I’m so happy I didn’t chose to drink because I got a great night sleep and woke feeling great. Great sleep is one of the huge benefits of being sober

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    @k1w1 Thank you, this really helps. I guess I just need to put things in to perspective. I am big on soul searching and having lovely talks with myself so I guess I need to take some time to do that.

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    Day 9 today. Boy oh boy I am so glad I didn’t cave and have a drink last night. It was a struggle but I made it through and I am reaping the rewards of going to bed sober. I love getting up early after a good solid night of sleep. My kids sleep until noon time lol so I pretty much have hours of me time. I like to start each day fresh and leave tomorrow behind me. So today is a new day and I will not drink! I have a plan to keep busy during witching hour. For me that is between 3 and 6 pm. Those hours will now be the time when I weed the gardens or run my errands, anything to not be in the house where my hubby and his mom are enjoying their wine. Today I will not drink !

    • Well done!! Xo

    • Nicely done, day 9 for me too and I have a similar strategy.

    • Good plan Gigi. Sober mornings are great, but that evening voice is a bugger…best to keep busy during those hours.

    • @gigi47 – that witching hour was wicked, and sounds like you have a great plan. Keeping busy and changing up my routine during that time was vital to my success. You’ve got this!

    • Happy day 9! And good for you! I love love love sober mornings. It might be a bit tough getting through the witching hour the night before – but boy oh boy! – the payoff of waking up clearheaded and having that 1st cup of coffee in the morning is absolute bliss! Enjoy your day!

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    Today was very tough and it is not over yet. I have been fighting with myself all day to drink or not to drink. I know I don’t want to drink for so many reasons. But that voice inside my head kept telling me it was ok to have a few. UGH! I did not drink but instead I ate and ate and ate anything I could get my hands on. I really don’t want to replace wine with food. I have worked hard to get healthy the past year, losing 25 pounds and my anxiety and depression gone. I need to find something other than food to reach for when the cravings kick in. I’m becoming stressed and again that has been something I’ve worked hard on the past year, not being stressed all the time. I appreciate any tips anyone has to offer.

    • I’m 5 years and I used food. I now working on that and found that behind it is anxiety so just started 5htp to try. I think Wine and food and any other addiction/ activity eg games on phone mask the underlying problem/feeling. I just read an email where the ladyy said to use the “tool called the HALT tool: pause the next time you feel hungry (want to drink) and ask yourself if it is hunger, anger, loneliness or tiredness? To be fair the HALT tool could be called the BELTS (boredom, excitement, loneliness, tiredness, stressed) tool too – but the concept is the same – give yourself the opportunity to explore the reason you feel like eating (drinking) and an ‘out’ if you recognise it’s not because you’re actually hungry. The gap in between the sensation of wanting to eat and the reflection as to why this is might be enough to recognise that it is something else driving your appetite.” So why are you stressed, what can you do about it, if nothing let it go. I know that often with food I have given in because I get sick of arguing with my internal voice. But that’s not teaching me anything. Still a work in progress but at least I have no regrets when I’m sober

      • @k1w1 Thank you, this really helps. I guess I just need to put things in to perspective. I am big on soul searching and having lovely talks with myself so I guess I need to take some time to do that.

    • I know for myself I can never have “just a few”. I have been struggling lately and just keep telling myself to think about the morning and how good it feels to wake up fresh. I also know that if I cave I will not only wake up feeling ill, but full of guilt.
      I have like 4 different types of fuzzy water that I keep chugging. The colder the better. No calories, and I am very hydrated. 😆

      • It’s taken me years to finally get up the courage to admit I also can not just “have a few”, no matter how much I want to be able to. Those are awesome things to be telling yourself as well, congrats on focusing on the positive. I’m sure the struggle wont last forever. And in the meantime I’m sure your body is stoked with all the hydration! 😂

      • @kathryn I’m so happy I didn’t chose to drink because I got a great night sleep and woke feeling great. Great sleep is one of the huge benefits of being sober

    • @gigi47. I quit drinking and smoking cigarettes at about the same time. i stuff food down my mouth for many months. The question is — could i be here today without having stuffed something into my mouth? I don’t think so. I am not trying to lose the weight. congrats on losing 25#.

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    @mandles your plans for the day sound wonderful! Enjoy!

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    @truthangel, 167 days is awesome!

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    Good morning, day 8 for me today. I am sleeping well which is one of the benefits I love about being sober. I went to my nephews 7th birthday party yesterday and someone mentioned adult beverages and boy did it trigger a want for wine. Nobody was actually drinking, they were just talking about it. It’s funny how the little things makes me want wine. People having a glass with dinner on tv show, an ad in a magazine, or just someone mentioning adult beverages. The good news is I did not drink yesterday and I will not drink today. I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

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    Welcome@beebalm, you will find great support and inspiration here!

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    I love this! Well done on day 9!

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    Well done on 40 days !!!

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    Good morning ! Day 5 for me today, It’s been about 8 months since I’ve gone just one day without a drink so 5 days I will celebrate. Still kicking myself for drinking after being over a year sober, but using it as a reminder that moderation is something I know I can’t do. I read on this site, “if you can’t stop at one then have none”. Those are the words I will continue to repeat to myself. Off to the zoo today with my kiddos. It’s not often we do something we all enjoy so I look forward to hanging with them today….Today I will not drink!

    • Have a fabulous sober day today @gigi47!

    • Day 5 for me too! I am the same way, abstinence is far easier than perfect moderation. Enjoy the zoo!

    • Morning @Gigi47. Just wanted to say that I admire you for getting back on the train, and that you inspire me to stay on it. Reading your post is a reminder for me to keep on track. Not to get complacent. Thank you. I needed to hear that today. Yes! Day 5 sober for you. It’s a win. Better than 8 months and 1 more day drinking. Enjoy your day with your family. Today I won’t drink either.

    • Lucy replied 3 weeks ago

      Big congrats 5 days @gigi47… xx today I won’t drink either

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    Today is day 4 for me. I am on summer break from school so I am just trying to keep busy. Started some projects around the house and hanging with the kids (twin 16 yr old girls and 11 yr old boy). My youngest seems to be my motivation as he is the one who pointed out that I was drinking a lot again. I love him for speaking his mind. I have not told hubby yet that I’m off the wine. He has always been my biggest challenge. In fact a couple weeks ago when I mentioned I needed to quit he asked me not too because he enjoys me more when i Have a buzz on. This is not the first time he has said something like that but I am used to it. I am quitting for me not for him. Today I will not drink. I wish everyone a happy and alcohol free day.

    • great words. well done

    • So true @gigi47! Husband stuff can be so tricky but this for you! I won’t drink with you, have a great day!

    • Good for you.. put you 1st @gigi47.. time for you now.. xx keep with us

    • Thats a hard one with hubby but mine is much the same, he is going to miss his drinking buddy to. Enjoy your break xx

    • oh thats a hard one @gigi47 but well done for knowing that its best for you to quit. I’ve had quite the opposite – its feels like my husband has despised me and my drinking habits for a long long time – and now we are kinda getting to know each other all over again. Keep strong x

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    Good morning, I just wanted to check in mostly to keep myself accountable. Yesterday was day 2 that I did not drink. Spent the entire day day busy with my kiddos. I did have a hard time falling asleep last night but once I got there I slept great. That is something I really miss. The sun is shining and the weather is warm and I am ready to conquer day 3. Today I will not drink the poison! Hope everyone has a fabulous day.

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    Well done @angeonamission, wine after work was my thing too! A trick I used to do was have a drink ready for me in the refrigerator for when I got home. Usually ice coffee or some kind of protein shake. It was such a habit to come home put my stuff down and head for the wine. I still headed for the fridge but instead there was a different kind of yummy drink waiting fo rme.

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    @ccc4 welcome, you have come to the right place place for support and inspiration.

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    Good morning everyone. I want to thank all who reached out and responded to my post yesterday. I had myself a very much needed cry. I made it through day one without a drink. My mind was all over the place, I was sad and depressed (mostly for drinking again in the first place). I wanted to nap, garden, start household projects , anything to keep me busy. At one point I even left to just take a drive. Alcohol is readily available in my house so it’s never easy to get away from it. I didn’t drink, I went to bed early and I slept well, I am off to a good start. Have a great day everybody!

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    Shame sets in this morning. After being sober for over a year I thought it would be ok to have a drink. That drink happened in November and I have been drinking pretty much every day since then. I have been reading all my past posts to remind myself how wonderful being sober is. I wake up every morning with the mindset that I will not drink but by 3 o’clock I’m reaching for a glass of wine. I need to stop ! I have been successful before and this community was a huge help. I am committing to being here every day for inspiration and guidance. I fell back in to the booze trap and I am having a hard time getting out of it. Today I will not drink,. I am hoping by posting and making myself accountable it will give me what I need to be sober once again.

    • Hi @Gigi47 I’m very new to this. Only 5 days in to this, but I can definitely relate to those feelings of shame. So awesome that you are back here, heres to your new start, not only that but I bet your story and journey will help others. I too have thought Im gonna post everyday, especially in these early days to keep me on track and accountable. I’ll look out for your posts too. Be kind to yourself ❤

    • Hi @gigi47. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, it happens. I love this post from Mrs D’s blog:
      https://livingsober.org.nz/youre-not-a-bad-person-youre-addicted/. You’ve done this before and you can do it again with the tools you’ve used in the past. Congratulations for making the commitment today. You can do it!

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    Day 311 ! Good morning friends. I haven’t posted in a while, but I am still sober and very happy about that. I wish I could say it has gotten easier but there are days where I still struggle to not drink, I just got back from a week long camping trip and that was a huge challenge because I love drinking while camping. Again I use my hubby as my strongest sober tool. He drinks from sun up till sun down while camping. That was enough to make me not want to drink. Lol Yesterday I spent the entire day floating around my pool and all I could think of was having a margarita in my hand. Thankfully my niece came over with iced coffee for us both. So I still think someday I am going to drink again, honestly I hope someday never comes. Today I will not drink. Today I will embrace being sober and being there for my kids with a clear mind. Today is a good day to have a good day!

    • JR replied 1 year ago

      @gigi47 – I have been having the same and just over a year here on this site. Stay close. I have been back to my daily site posting and checking.

    • @Gigi47 I think it comes in waves for me, and sounds like maybe you too. Sometimes I completely forget that I have problems drinking, and other times, it’s staring me down and whispering to me that I could just have one drink and it would be ok. I told myself at the beginning, as I did with quitting smoking, that I could drink again once I turned 80. I hope my 80th birthday comes and goes, and I will remain sober. Nothing in my life compares to the feeling I have now of living a sober life.

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    Good morning team,
    Up early on this warm Sunday morning. Waking early is the new norm for me. No complaints here as my sleep continues to be wonderful. Driving my teens to work soon and then off to a nature walk with my little one. I had a nice time with the family last night, burgers on the grill, camp fire, swimming and some badminton games.Teens had some friends over and its always good to be sober and present when there is boys here hanging with my girls! Little bit of teen drama went on amongst all the friends here and I have to say my daughter handled it wonderfully. However I did get a text from one of the moms about it and not sure if I handle it as well as my teenager. Lol. I told her I felt that they were old enough to work it amongst themselves (they are almost 16) and I didn’t feel that I needed to get involved because my daughter already handle it. But this mom was persistent so I stopped responding to her texts, because that is what I do now lol.,,,, Anyway I am sober and life is good. 281 days sober and I still take it one day at a time. I think I am finally settling in to the sober me. I am finally starting to feel somewhat normal. And I am finally starting to accept myself for my good qualities and my bad. Accepting me for who I am is probably the most important because I have never been able to do that before. Sober life is a good life ! Hope everyone has an amazing day!

    • @gigi47 congratulations on Day 281! And letting go of drama – imagine if you were alcohol infused texting with that Mom! I know what I would have done! Glad you are settling in – 281 seems like a huge accomplishment from my vantage point 🙂

    • Sounds like an all-around great weekend @Gigi47!! I agree with @AuntBridge, good thing you were sober to handle the mama drama, and you could choose to just not participate and step away!! Sounds like a great way to manage, and I like that you gave the teens a chance to work in out themselves, before swooping in to help. You’re allowing them to develop their problem-solving and relationship skills!! Smart!! I love hearing how people are feeling when they have so much sober time… 281 is amazing!! Congrats to you. xox

    • Well done!!

    • 281 days and not attending every fight or argument or discussion you are invited to. Way to go!!
      Not your circus, not your monkeys. We don’t have to do what others want us to do all the time, in this case you ended that conversation when it started to feel uncomfortable. Your “no” matters and so does your “yes”. Lots to be proud of right there! It’s not easy to maintain our boundaries but oh so necessary for living a healthy life.

      I had a similar situation a few years ago when a coworker…just….would….not….let….it….go. She was upset with me because I had been ill and was unable to help drop off some of our exchange students at the airport. But since that is not even in our job description and I had volunteered to do it and then a flu got in the way…..no big deal. In my mind at least….she ended up texting and calling me and making it a BIG deal for about two days, even long after I had stopped responding. It was almost scary.

      Some people have personality disorders (not saying this parent you dealt with does) and unrefined emotional regulation skills. We can have compassion for them and their feelings and suffering….but never are responsible for ‘fixing it for them’. That’s their backpack to carry in life. Not ours.

      Well done all around. You did the right thing.


  • Gigi47 posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Day 269
    Back to school today after a 3 day weekend. I love my job but I love being home more. I am in need of some advice………
    My hubby got drunk again yesterday and didn’t spend any time with the family. He went across the street to the neighbors party and drank all day. He was supposed to help my little guy with a school project that was due today. My son walked across the street to tell him they need to start working on it. Hubby told him he would be home in a couple minutes, he didn’t come home till late. My son sat in the window watching his dad pound beers . My son is 10 and he was very upset and mad kept saying dad is getting drunk. Anyway my teens and myself and my little guy worked on the project together to get it done. It was a good bonding moment for the 4 of us, My husband has no interest in giving up or cutting back on any of his vices (as he calls them). I feel like it is starting to take a toll on our family and especially the youngest who just wants to spend time with him. I keep telling myself that his drinking is his problem and not mine but when does it become my problem too? I am trying not to stress because when I gave up wine I also gave up 99% of my stress. But I am a little lost as to how to handle this. I appreciate any advice any of you have to offer.

    • @Gigi47 I’m sorry for you situation. But I did want to point out that saying “it is his problem, not mine” has gone over the edge. The person’s problem does become your problem and your underage children’s problem. You’ll have to re-assess this situation for yourself and your children.

    • This is tough @Gigi47. I have been there and I have watched my children’s relationship with their dad crumble thanks to the same reason, too drunk to help them, too drunk to remember to pick them up etc. He no longer lives with us but it took him getting so drunk after a long drawn out binge that he went off his face and became violent. I don’t know if it was the alcohol that made him violent or that angry person was always there. I know I regret not giving him an ultimatum years ago. Stop drinking or go. I wish I’d said “If you love your kids enough you will stop drinking,” and made him follow through. But it’s easy to say and so hard to do. I wasred years of my lifeand happiness on a drunk and yeas of my childen’s lives and happiness. A drunk’s household is not a good one for childen no matter how hard a split is. you are obviously an amazingly strong woman.

    • Hi @gigi47 I read your post late last night and was too tired to reply. I also congratulate you on how you’re doing with being AF. This is so difficult, I think it’s a natural response to find it stressful. That’s one way our psyche tells us something’s amiss. How could you watch your son go through that and not feel distress? Yes your husband’s drinking is his responsibility, but he also took on responsibilities to you and the kids. How he faces up to his responsibilities is up to him, but you have choices in what you will tolerate for you and the children. It’s certainly your kids’ problem as they don’t have the psychological development for it not to be. They need him. They NEED him. It’s not a negotiable thing. They can’t delay that until it’s convenient for him and they can’t fill that space in. THere’s a cost to his not being there. Thank goodness you are there for your kids. All the best to you. xxx

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    Welcome here! You’ve come to an amazing community!

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    Day 268 for me today!
    I am working on eating better to feel better. It has been a couple of weeks and I am just starting to feel the benefits of giving up processed foods and most sugar. My oldest son is doing the same, we live thousands of miles apart but he has been helping me, giving me great recipes and things like that. He told me has has given up the booze! That makes me so happy because he was a violent drunk. He told me he is in a much better place since he stopped drinking! I love it! My husband continues to be my strongest sober tool . We went to a family party over the weekend and he got so drunk he could barely speak or stand. HE got so drunk that he couldn’t make it to a family members wake that evening. He got so drunk he was posting babble on social media. He was so hung over the next day and just truly miserable. We went to our oldest daughters for late lunch/early dinner. She lives an hour away and we don’t see her often. He said he wasn’t going but I forced him. He sat in the chair barely saying a word the whole time. UGH! All of his behavior just reminds me why I don’t drink anymore. Reminds me that there is nothing glorious about it. I don’t ever want to be slurring and swaying and miserably hung over the next day. So for that I guess I can thank him lol. His drinking is starting to become an issue for me. He drinks every day and the smell it makes my stomach turn so I keep my distance from him, which in turn causes arguments becasue he doesn’t understand why I won’t get close to him. I do tell him it is becasue he smells lol but he thinks I am just being an ass. On a brighter note my kids are happy and healthy and I am happy and healthy. Life is good and booze sucks!

    • Loved your post, Gigi. Great news about your eldest son. Seems to me that you’re leading the way in your family. I suppose you’re aware of that, but think of how incredibly important that is.

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    @Clairee what a great post! Lots of goods things come from being sober. 147 days is awesome!

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    Welcome! You’ve come to a great place!

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    @EricaB welcome here! You’ve come to a great place!

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    Up at 4 am on a Sunday morning! This is crazy! I seem to be wakening earlier and earlier every day. On the bright side I wake feeling refreshed and ready to go so I am definitely getting quality sleep. There are so many reasons to staying sober and sleep is right there at the top! My husband complains all the time about his quality of sleep and I always tell him try going to bed sober for a few nights, you’ll sleep wonderful. I have recently taken up gardening! I absolutely love it, although somedays it’s strenuous, but the finished product is so worth the labor, what a great way to spend the day. My husband gardens as well, he takes care of the veggies I take care of the flowers. This is a common ground we found we can do together rather than hanging out and drinking. So today after bringing my teens to work I will be spending the day in the yard and I can’t wait. It better not rain! I hope everyone has an amazing AF day. And as always I am thankful for each and everyone of you!

    • @Gigi47 , yessss , sleeping like a baby too and being a gardener myself , i relate to everything you wrote . La vie est belle . xxx

    • Girl – i was up at 5:30am!!!! Sober sleep is the best sleep. Enjoy your day today!

    • I look forward to bed every single day! Even if I don’t sleep well, it’s better than the awful jerk awake at 3 a.m. just to stay awak and feel terrible. Congrats to you and enjoy your garden.

    • Day 260 and so much love and joy and life in your post….a gift you are giving yourself each and every day. Way to go!!!! Loved reading this. oxoxox Big smile on my face over here 🙂

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    @Classic50 I too had several day one’s. Too many to count. Words from my sober pen pal Belle always kept me from giving up, ‘Don’t try harder, try different “ After several day one’s, this site was my different. I was fortunate enough to stumble across this site and it has been the biggest/strongest sober tool I have. So stay close, post often. The kindest, caring and wisdom of this community is amazing.!

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    My early days AF my sugar cravings were so bad I constantly ate peanut butter out the jar! I had no idea I would be so bad without the sugar from the wine. I eventually switched to dark chocolate which I had to wean myself off of because I would eat a whole bag every night. Now thankfully I only crave sugar once in a while, it took me a few months also for the cravings to subside @MrsNomoreguilt

  • Gigi47 posted a new activity comment 1 year, 2 months ago

    @Morninglove, my husband drinks my favorite wine every night. In my early days of sobriety I wanted to kill him lol so many emotions, from anger to jealously that I wasn’t able to enjoy a glass anymore. I also went through a period of thinking our relationship was just us drinking together and what will we do now that I don’t drink. I even thought about leaving him. But all that has passed and we have found some things we can do together other than drinking. It took several months for me to get through this and I couldn’t have done it with out the support of this community. It will get better give it time.

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    @Kit, day 128 is wonderful! Keep posting everyday because its great that it helps you and yes it really does help others! Reading peoples posts is what helps me keep going. So for that I thank you!

  • Gigi47 posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Day 258
    Today I am chaperoning my little guys field trip. Not my idea of perfect weather to be at a beach (its pretty chilly)but I am embracing the fact that I am able to spend time with him (hangover free) and that my school allowed me the day off. Last night was wonderful. My twin teens and I hung out on my bed watching a new Netflix series. While I was doing one of my beauties hair the other was discussing college with me. College?? They’re only freshman in high school, this can’t be happening lol. Such beautiful moments I hold so close to my heart…….. I have been thinking about drinking a lot lately. WHy? My life is so much better with out the wine so why in the world do I still think maybe I can have a sip or two? I have looked back at some wonderful advice from you amazing folks on this site and maybe I just need to keep rereading some of it. I know I don’t want to go back to the place I was so I am not going to drink and I will continue to fight the fight. Thank you for all your continued support. This community has really been my life saver!

    • @gigi47 – it’s amazing how our minds still revert back to thinking, maybe just one or two?? Alcohol is such a sneaky bitch!!!!! I guess it goes back to us thinking maybe we are missing out on something, but just listening to you describe your evening last night and even your day today – you aren’t missing out on anything – in fact you are living and present and having the best life you can because of not having a sip or two. Happy day 258!

    • Awww. Have fun. I chaperoned a field trip yesterday and it was really fun.

    • Well done on day 258 @gigi47 🙂
      I have found that those thoughts do still pop into my head from time to time, even though I don’t want to drink any more, even though I experience how much better sober life is every day. However, I do find that those thoughts happen less and less often as time goes by. In fact now I would say I go for weeks at a time without thinking about it. It’s all to do with learning new ways of thinking, new patterns. And it takes time. Just keep moving forward day by day and it will all work out fine. xx

    • You life sounds wonderful and precious at the moment, @Gigi47. You are so smart to spot the potential for disaster.

    • You got this @gigi47 It is just a craving, ride the wave and let it pass. I try to say, out loud, NO whenever it comes (and I’m alone lol) Just NO. There is too much good to explore and drinking just freezes us in time not letting see it. Hugs to you! 258 days is amazing!

  • Gigi47 posted a new activity comment 1 year, 2 months ago

    Good morning @ChardaNo My school year comes to an end at the end of June. Summers are tough for me because there’s so much time to drink. You gave some great advice! I’ve always been the kind of person to get everything done in the morning so I have the rest of the day usually to drink. I’m certainly going to take your suggestions and leave errands and things like that until afternoon! Thank you!

  • Gigi47 posted a new activity comment 1 year, 2 months ago

    You are amazing! Congratulations on one year alcohol free!!!

  • Gigi47 posted a new activity comment 1 year, 2 months ago

    @mari135 oh how I love reading your posts. I can relate to a lot of what you say. You truly make me think about my own life and things that I am going through. Depression /suicidal thoughts being one of those things. You really do help me through some tough times just by posting your own thoughts and feelings and for that I thank you.

  • Gigi47 posted a new activity comment 1 year, 2 months ago

    Such an amazing post @Kirst! Just what I needed to remind me to stay on the sober train. You sound so happy and full of life! 850 days sober is truly awesome!

  • Gigi47 posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Day 233 …Back to work today after a lovely week off. I do love my job but I love being home even more. I spent some great quality time with my kiddos this past week. Even went for a bike ride with my little guy yesterday, Riding a bike is a big deal for me becasue I am so out of shape it hurts lol. I spent yesterday afternoon painting the outside trim of the house. The neighborhood kids came to hang with my teens. They all played basketball in the street and even included my little guy. I got down off the ladder and sat on the front step watching them have fun, laughing and being silly. It brought tears to my eyes, happy tears, so happy to see them so happy and enjoying life and friends. I continue to embrace every sober feeling whether its good or bad. I cherish every moment I have with my kids. I truly cherish my sobriety and I will continue to fight for it. The only way I can be there for my kids the way they need me to be is by being sober so sober I will be ! I wish you all a wonderful day!

    • Hi @Gigi47! I’m 236 today..we are same “cycle days” lol ☺☺
      Happy day to you!!☺

    • Hi @gigi47, that sounds fantastic!! I bet your little guy loved the time with you. Embracing every moment is the way to happiness, I agree. When we drink, we are distracted thinking about the next glass or bottle… such a difference to be present and available and in the moment. Your kids are lucky!!! xox

    • 233 days and important bonding moments with your kids….love this so much!

  • Gigi47 posted a new activity comment 1 year, 3 months ago

    @loopdaloop I love how your friend describes the children growing up! Made me smile! Thanks for that!

  • Gigi47 posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Day 229
    The little guy spent the night at his grammas (his best friend). Today I am taking the teenagers and their friends to the mall. Not my favorite thing to do at all. However I will embrace the time and cherish the fact that they still need me because this time next year they will have their drivers licenses and won’t need me for rides anymore. It is hard letting them grow up. I do not recall having such a hard time letting go of my oldest, he is 25 now. MAybe because he is a boy and I worry so much more with my girls……. Hubby would still like me to drink with him and I am tired of hearing it. I am tired of him being drunk and high ( he recently started. Smoking marijuana). I have been trying to ignore his habbits because I don’t want to fight. Maybe I am selfish becasue the more he drinks the more it reminds me of why I stopped and why I never want to drink again., so he is kind of like a sober tool……. Today is a good day to have a good day! So I am off to the mall. Hope everyone has an amazing AF day!

    • hubby is your sober tool has made me laugh but I can imagine it’s hard sometimes. x parenthood feels counter intuitive sometiems doesn’t it. My friend described it as cheer leading them onto independence whilst knowing that it will lessen the role you have for them day to day but it’s absolutely the right thing to do! and they will always return home to homes they love and feel happy in and that surely is a sober or soberer one in the case of your hub? X

  • Gigi47 posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Day 228. Good morning friends. I’m off work all week due to school vacation week. I slept really late this morning, which I never do but it felt great. I’ve been spending lots of quality time with my kiddos and enjoying every minute of it. The fighting in the car doesn’t even bother me like it did when I was drinking. Today I am taking them on a mystery ride and they have no idea where we are going and it’s killing them lol. Yesterday I took my teenagers to the bank to open their own accounts. When we got home I showed them how to write checks and deposit/withdrawals slips. It’s the little things in life that I grasp on to. They were attentive and asked questions and I could answer with a clear head. It was such a great bonding moment.. I feel like I have been drifting from my sober tools and supports lately and I absolutely can not let that happen. I love being sober and present for my kiddos, my little guy especially. He is 10 and is very smart, kind, caring and super emotional like his mom lol. He tells me how hes so happy I don’t drink anymore becasue now we spend more time together. Such a big love he is! Those are the things I have to focus on when I have the thought that maybe I can drink again. I hope everyone has an amazing day!

  • Gigi47 posted a new activity comment 1 year, 3 months ago

    @MamaToMany what a great post. I have been a little wobbly lately and your reminder of waking up hangover free was just what I needed. Congrats on day 127!!

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