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    I’m just onto my 9th day of sobriety after heavily drinking for 2 years (a bottle at least a night) and my kids are all sick with colds, I honestly couldn’t have felt better last night, whilst trying to soothe 3-year old twins, not having the bottle beckon, being able to be there for them when they needed me, not waking up a bit jaded… so far so good, feeling a little blessed for this new journey. Can I have everyone’s advice on what they did in the first few weeks, I’m drinking a pot of herbal bed-time tea at night which is nice, and reading more, going to bed really early….. the side effect of not drinking is I’m so tired but can’t sleep, any ideas?

    • Being tired is normal, you are still detoxing. Epsom salt bathes helped me a lot in the beginning. It took me hitting 90 days before my sleep patterns normalized but I was also getting off valium at the same time as alcohol so you probably won’t experience that intensely. Keep on doing what you are doing!

    • @gemm73 -my sleep was all weird when i quit, i was always tired at the most inconvenient times. you are heavy healing your body right now.

    • That’s normal as your body adjusts, in Nz you can get adult sleep drops in a spray, the are amazing. Or try a herbal sleep tea

    • jigsaw puzzles worked for me. quite a ‘mindful’ activity. I’d never really gotten into them before but it seemed to give me something to focus on initially. the nights seemed so long once I wasn’t drinking them away.

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