• Frog posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Feathery Frog here on this rainy Sunday morning. Turns out to change one’s user name it takes making a new account linked to a different email or deleting the old account. I think I’ll just stick with what I have.

    You know, it’s funny how a name makes a difference. I have been hesitating about going full Feather since mentioning it as Frog is the one whose gotten me through it all with humor. Feather is the one who people respect, the graceful, calm, thoughtful one. Frog just says it and does it. Both, though, are reliably strong.

    • Whatever handle you are here under @frog @feather, I’m just glad you are here 🙂 xo

      • I quite like frogs, feathers are lovely they float on the wind and go where they are taken frogs make decisions and go where they want they are vibrant quick beautiful little creatures that don’t like being caught or handled. Don’t give up on your frog side.

    • I totally understand. As you grow and develop alcohol free things change. And what was appropriate at the start may not be right now. I am going to change my description. I am in a positive place now and things are different. Maybe the site might look at that?

    • I love frog!

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