• freedom1025 posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Such a fun 4th of July celebration yesterday! We’re in the mountains of Oregon visiting family for a wedding tomorrow. Lots of get togethers and lots of drinking. I observe it but don’t have any pangs to join in. I quickly play it forward and that gives me the answer I need to stay away. There are many in our group who are having a brutal morning today as they started quite early yesterday. I’m up enjoying hot coffee and a view of the mountains. We’ll tackle a 7 mile hike today – maybe I can then whittle myself into the dress I plan on wearing to the wedding tomorrow. Haha! So so happy to be sober. It’s the only way. How are you doing today @jmtn?!! Peace all!

    • Sounds like such a lovely weekend @freedom1025! Enjoy your long hike today and looking beautiful in that dress tomorrow! 😊 I’m doing well! Thanks for asking. I enjoyed food and NA drinks yesterday, and observed friends being affected by their alcohol consumption. I played it forward and was so happy to have had a sober 4th. Not only did I enjoy seeing the kids have fun setting off our fireworks, but I was present to help my husband prep for our backpacking trip we’re about to head off to do today, and I feel great this morning. It’s also nice to not care about lugging booze on a two night backpacking trip! Who needs that added weight to carry in?! Hugs to you. ❤️

    • Sounds like a great trip. 7 mile hike, wow. My old hips hurt just thinking about it. Have to get back to the gym. Too bad there is so much focus on alcohol at these things, there is in my family, too. We’ve learned better.

    • Ohhh loving this so much!!! Have so much fun hiking and enJOY that cup of joe. Much deserved.
      I imagine it is so very beautiful there….and a wedding….You will look radiant and healthy and others will be envious of you not having a hangover.
      High five!!!!


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