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    Wow. What a tough time to go through. Hang on to the thought that you will come out in a better place. We are with you!

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    Oh man. After lurking here for the last three weeks it seems like many posts include weather complaints. Half the people too hot. The other half freezing their buns off. Sympathies to both sides. We all need moderation.
    When I read this post by @r51I thought it referred to being fogged in!
    Can you imagine what craziness I’m thinking when I…[Read more]

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    I was feeling great about this too! Then I went out for Japanese noodles and got MSG eyes the next morning.
    But no hangover : )

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    You. Inspire. Me.
    thank you

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    I’m getting a thrill thinking of you enjoying these things!

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    Come on, tell us.
    What are your plans for that money? : )
    You must have a great idea for some part of it, at least.

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    You rock! Bigger and better than the butter cow at the Iowa State Fair!
    (Always the most amazing thing I ever admired as a child.)

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    I’m happy for you.

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    Hello Generous Community
    Day 14 here for me, and difficult to find the right words to explain how I feel. Wriggly? Ancy? Birthday coming up this week, but feel I will be okay with it.
    I have read in several places about people who go AF sometimes having challenges because their partner does not give up drinking heavily. What about the…[Read more]

    • I think that’s the scenario some of us go through here when we are actively working on sobriety and our spouses are not. Alanon helps, but only if he is wanting the help. For you, just focusing on your sobriety and not worrying about him (hmmm, kinda the same as alanon) would probably help.

    • My hubby used to be a big drinker. He is disabled now and seldom drinks. When he does it’s very little.
      He has been judgemental towards me in the past year.
      I just ignored him and decided on my own to quit. Not because he wanted me too.
      My advice. Keep doing your thing and try to block out the noise from him.

    • Do you need to tell him? If it is going to cause you more stress or arguments that could trigger you to drink, is it a necessary conversation? Or can you quietly continue to just not drink and let him figure it out on his own? You know what’s best for you, just my thoughts on it.

    • I can relate to the antsy/wiggly feelings of the second week so much! They went away for me in the week that followed, but I posted here about it while it was happening and posting here and early bedtimes helped get through those feelings.

    • My partner wants to understand but cannot really. That’s what we are here for! We do understand. Completely. Venting is encouraged! Lol

    • People who haven’t experienced addiction os some kind just can’t understand. Does something else pull at him like smoking, candy, Mountain Dew with which you can draw a parallel? He doesn’t really have to get it, just understand that you are a susceptible person through no fault of your own, its not a moral failing, and it would be much easier…[Read more]

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    On Day 14 here, and finding that this site helps me to keep my problems and challenges in perspective. Perhaps by feeling less alone. Warm wishes for you as you examine your life and begin the journey of deciding how to make the changes you want to.

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    THANK YOU! I am reading everywhere that sleep improves so much when you give up alcohol, and I have done nothing but toss and turn the last 10 nights. And yes, I know what I sleep like when I am drinking is so much worse. But still a disappointment at this still early point in the journey.

    • Anytime! I think I had to get about 2 weeks I’d alternate a really good night with a bad night. Then around 3 months started to get some reliable sleep patterns. I know! So frustrating. You’ve gotten this far, though and by day 10 all the alcohol is out of your body. Fingers crossed for lovely sleep tonight!

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    Thank you, salshak. All positive words are flowing to a vital place in my heart right now.

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    This sounds like everything I long for. Thank you for reaching out.

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    Thank you, girl! The kindness of stranger may get me through this day.

    • You are so so welcome. This site has been the only difference between sobriety and not for me. The support and wisdom here is beautiful.

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    Many thanks to the thoughtful people who so generously welcomed me to this community a couple of days ago. Your kindness in reaching out to a complete stranger is so appreciated. Today is Day 10, the longest I have bee AF in 30 years. I know I will get through today, and I hope with all my heart that tomorrow morning I will wake up and feel the…[Read more]

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