• Floddie became a registered member 1 week ago

    • Gojo replied 1 week ago

      Welcome @Floddie you will find lots of support here.

      • Thank you @gojo. I’m just not really sure what to say or where to start…but I do know that I need some help, which scares me a lot!

        • MaryB replied 1 week ago

          We were all sacred sh*@less when we started this journey, most of us still are but here you can be honest and everyone listens and understands, if you need help ask for it cos what comes back is based on the experience of people on the same journey, I’m over 200 days alcohol reduced (I cannot say AF) I now drink less in a month than I did in a week and I could not have done it without this site, I know cos I tried many times. Post lots @Floddie you are with friends.

        • Scary, but exciting too. Welcome!

    • Welcome😄

    • @Floddie when I first got here I just checked out the site and read along with the feed ’til I got the hang of it. You’ll be ok!

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