• Feijoa posted an update 3 months ago

    Evening fellow sober warriors, I had no idea this site existed and very happy to have found it! I just finished reading The Sober Diaries by Claire Pooley and on the very last page under Where To Find Help, this website was listed. I’ve been a member of the amazing Soberistas site for a while now and have a very supportive email group going with 5 lovely Woman, they are all UK based & I’m the only NZ based one.

    Are there any sober meet ups through this site? I’m in AKL. I’m on week two and feeling very much in control and like I’m seeing the world through technicolor after viewing in black and white.
    Hope you’ve all enjoyed the weekend 👋 ❣

    • Welcome! I am from Texas and wish there were meet ups close to me but have found such wisdom and support here-confidant you will find the same. Congrats on week 2.

    • Welcome here!! I am so glad you found us! oxoxox

    • Ro replied 3 months ago
    • oh hai @feijoa 🙂

      as it happens there ARE face to face meet ups through this site 🙂

      i organise Auckland get togethers. we meet monthly on a Sunday morning for brunch.

      if you’d be keen to join us you can email me at soberinas@gmail.com and i will include you in the mailing list.

      Thanks @Ro -ro 🙂

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