• Feee posted an update 1 week ago

    Hi, Quick question. Day 7 AF, just starting out, and learning lots en route. My question is, is anyone putting on weight? I thought I’d be loosing it, but am starting to put it on. I’m trying out alternative drinks to help get me through (Mock Pina Colada divine, by the way), and my eating uptake seems to have risen & am eating more. Is this normal? Thanks

    • Hi Feee
      Nice to see that you have joined us! Not that I am any kind of expert. Just someone trying to figure things out and then apply those understandings consistently. I’m betting you will get lots of different opinions to this question. Different strategies work for different people. WHat’s normal? At first? No idea. Be sure to be kind to you. If what you need is a Mock Pina Colada and M&Ms right now, then okay. I am personally suspicious of drinks that mimic alcoholic beverages and don’t include any of them in my routine. Some people swear by them. But for me it would be a continuation of the habit at some level, so I chose very different kinds of drinks. Also, I had reached such a low point with my lifestyle that when I finally decided to STOP just STOP a lot of other things went out the window with the alcohol. I began intermittent fasting at exactly the same time, and it worked for me because my schedule allowed it and I was so desperate for the feeling of taking ownership of my body. Morning began with a lovely cup of black coffee, then anything that did not involve sitting on my butt. From mild to serious, activity until 12:00. At noon I would be thinking, “Oh, I haven’t had any vegetables since 6:00 last night,” so I’d prepare a plate of greens. “Oh, I haven’t had any fruit today. . .” Man, it worked for me and the weight flew off. This relieved some aches and pains I had been experiencing, and at the same time I began feeling more confident of my ownership of my own decisions. For other people a rigid approach like this doesn’t work. You are in a place where you might benefit from experimenting with what works for you. Maybe what we think we need is not always what will work out best if we try different approaches.
      Best advice I ever got here on LS?
      Go to bed.
      Yeah, it gets to a certain hour and I brush, floss, collapse. That has saved me more evenings than I can count. Especially the flossing, which I do not want to have to do again!

      • Feee replied 1 week ago

        Thank you so much for your wonderful & very much appreciated thoughts. It’s great to think I’m ‘doing this’ whilst being able to hold hands with someone else, I’ve never had that before, and it’s so caring. Thank you

    • Hiya, yes you are rehydrating and healing. You may be missing the sugar. I gained weight when I had an ice-cream as a treat each night. I am not going cold turkey on sugar, I’m naughty and have one glass of coca-cola each night but not the ice-cream. I’m levelling out and losing it slightly. But I only know this from all my stops and starts. Right now I’m sulking and eating decadently. I don’t care. I’m not drinking. I’ll care tomorrow.

      • Feee replied 1 week ago

        Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve never known what ‘normal’ is in most things, as we are all so different, but with alcohol I think we are all similar in that it is a devil amongst us in our lives. My instinct was to treat or reward myself for hitting my own particular wine devil square on the nose by ignoring him & tucking into a plate of cheese & biscuits instead, as I’m so grumpy. Thank you for sharing your own experience with me, it is greatly appreciated.

    • k1W1 replied 1 week ago

      If you replace alcohol with sugar and extra food yes, but initially it’s okay because it’s better than drinking. Mock tails are high sugar too. If your concerned try adding more protein and fats but drop carbs down

    • Hi @feee glad you’re here! The support and kindness you’ll find on this site is amazing. It’s what has helped me stay sober for over 2 1/2 years. In the beginning I treated myself to whatever I wanted as long as it wasn’t alcohol. Once I felt very stable in my sobriety and the wine witch was a shriveled heap in the corner, I started to focus on my nutrition and easing back on the sweets. You’ll find the right balance. Some blogger posted that she was dealing with her addictions in the order they might kill her. Pretty good advice. 😉

    • Yes me too on the gaining weight. You’d think that if you don’t suck down a bottle a night you’d lose but…I’ve gained too. But I ageee with @k1w1 with saying it’s better than alcohol. Someone here assured me in my first week it would level out itself so that’s what I’m counting on.

      • Fingers crossed that my body comes into balance once I’ve mastered the art of treating alcohol with the contempt (for me, anyway) that it deserves. Evil stuff.

    • yes, many people do gain weight, google it. i have gained a lot of weight.

      • Thanks kitten, hopefully everything will balance out for us both in the end. I like the post that suggested tackling the issues that are most likely to kill you first. Wise words.

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