• Erica375 posted an update 1 week ago

    Good morning, my sober peeps! Yesterday was another mellow day, recovering from my day of fun in the sun. I binge watched “Derry Girls” on Netflix and got half a hat knit. I love knitting hats, so I donate them to charities. This is an activity that falls by the wayside when I’m drinking, so I’m happy to be back at it.

    I still have a lot of post celebration clean up to do, but it’s getting done a bit at a time. I will be on my own this evening as my daughter will be working. I need to get a plan set up so I don’t fnd myself walking to the corner store for some you-know-what. Suggestions appreciated.

    • I agree with @Lucy, ice cream, potato chips or whatever treat food you usually try to limit. Netflix or reading also. Knitting is hugely important for me in my list of distractions. I like hats too!

    • Sounds like an evening of self care for sure! I’m reading a book by Clare Pooley (found a reference from someone here a few days ago talking about it) and her book has helped me a lot. In her early days, it was hot chocolate and a warm bath every evening. She says that Hot Chocolate has magical powers. I believe her, its working for me, day 5. Enjoy your evening and take care of you.

    • Pedicure is a goodie for me, feet in a tub of hot water…major disincentive to go out to the corner store during/after that. Yes or hot bath. Skype a friend (only if they’re not drinking). Early night.

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