• elais posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    I got through my first night alcohol free last night. I didn’t think I could do it but joining livingsober yesterday gave me the courage to try. I cried and cried yesterday feeling sorry for myself and the situation I have found myself in. I feel stronger today. Thank you livingsober.

    • Yay! Day 2! Good on you. You need to think about how you are best able to look after yourself kindly for the next couple of weeks-be a few tears matey, but that’s all good. I generally do it in the shower lol. It won’t take long to start feeling better- you are doing a wonderful thing for yourself, so be proud and brave!

      • Kind words and non judgmental or condescending … that’s just what I needed. Thank you.

    • There you go!! Well done you!

    • Huge congrats to you elais. That’s possibly the hardest one you’ll do. Isn’t it great to notice that you feel stronger today? Every time we resist the booze and WIN we grow a little stronger. Sober muscles!

    • Your body is going to thank you for it..well done ✅

    • Welcome here and good for you on making it through your first night, do you have a plan for the next few days?Thinking ahead a bit can really help. Keeping non alcoholic drinks on hand, a treat or two, and something to keep you busy when the usual drinking hour rolls around can go a long way.

      • Thank you to you all for your kind words and encouragement. I do need a plan …. I’ll try working on that one today. I hope one day I can be doing what you are all doing …. helping and supporting others

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