• dorothyparker posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Today I am feeling really glad that I’ve not been hungover for bloody ages.
    I watched a film yesterday with someone getting really drunk and throwing up – hugging the toilet bowl – you know that old familiar feeling.
    It was visceral and I literally felt nauseous watching the scene.
    It made me so grateful that I’ve not been hungover for almost 100 days.
    I hate that feeling. More than I love the happy drunk sensation.
    I’m not able to have one without the other so it was a good reminder of what I’m happily missing out on.
    Then today at work, someone who works for me who’s literally half my age, was still feeling seedy from getting really drunk on Saturday night.
    She missed the most stunning day yesterday. Wellington pulled out an epic one.
    She missed it. I ran 10k and really enjoyed it.
    I feel so grateful that I’m not drinking.
    The quote that resonates most with me: drinking is stealing tomorrow’s happiness x

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