• docherjo posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    I have been doing my best to keep of the wine. I did enjoy a bottle or 2 nightly. In the last ten days I have drank 4 bottles but I am finding it hard keeping it up. Once I drink one night the next night seems right to drink again, i get frustrated as i know i need to stop but finding it hard.

    • oh man it is really really hard aye. You are awesome coming on here and sharing @docherjo . Just take one day at a time I reckon. It took me such a long long time to firstly admit it – and then make a change. I havent had a drink for 7 days now, but before that I tried to quit numerous times (have never gone past 3 days in a row sober) and I also tried to moderate (that was completely useless). Keep posting and you’ll get heaps of support

    • It is tough, I know one glass, would be 2-3 bottles. Stay strong. Without here and my partner I would be same old same old. Love my fresh mornings.

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