• Destiny posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    Had a dream last night. It was the holidays and my mom of all people was insisting I have “just one” drink (which she would never do in real life). I was shocked by her insistence and thought to myself, “she really doesn’t know how bad my drinking really was”. And in the dream I was determined NOT to drink. I pretty much ran away from her.

    Felt pretty good when I woke up. I remember someone saying that the best way to stay sober is to stay away from that “first drink”. I have been thinking about that statement a lot lately.

    Day 65:)

    • Hi @Destiny ~ staying away from that first drink is very true. Without the first drink, there cannot be a 10th one (as they say in AA). Us problem drinkers can’t stop at one, we don’t want “just one.” Congrats on D65!!

    • It’s said that every character in a dream is yourself-because our mind puts the words in their mouths. Sounds like you’re testing yourself and passing the test, @destiny!

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