• Destiny posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    The urge to drink as been strong the last couple of days. Today I even put the wine in my shopping cart. But, wondered around the store long enough to put it back. It was a close one…emotions all over the place. But thank God I’m still sober. Day 54:)

    • Well done!

    • God well done @destiny, you stepped back from the cliff!

    • Well done for putting the wine back. Really brings back memories of my first 60 days. The supermarket mission was such a pain. All the chatter in my head prior to and then relief when you realise you made it out alive lol. It gets so much easier with time tho. I felt like I was always thinking about not drinking and some days were overwhelming So happy to be past all of the brain chatter and think about not drinking in a more matter of fact..piss off kinda way lol. You are doing so great. Keep stomping on the negative chatter and you will be sweet 🙂 xx

    • Woohoo! Warrior right there @destiny

    • Whoa @Destiny, well done! It’s good for me to hear, because I was thinking at over a month it should be easier…. but I can well imagine doing the same thing: taking a bottle for a walk around the supermarket! More power to you!

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