• Destiny posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    40 days today:) no desire to drink lately…it’s almost like not even an option. However, I have been very emotional lately, especially in the mornings…I have a good cry then seem to be ok the rest of the day…weird. Probably all the emotions I use to drown out still need to be brought to the surface. Who knows. I do know that even during my crying fit I think to myself what a mess I am “but I’m sober” and that thought brings a smile to my tear filled face.

    • I can only guess all that feeling was held back behind the numbing that drinking gives us @destiny. How great that water is flowing and maybe like a dam that’s released, eventually the pressure will ease. xx 40 days is great!

    • 40 days! That’s awesome! Well done. Crying is good. I do it regularly. Generally privately ha ha. A wee sob now and then clears the cobwebs 😉

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