• Destiny posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Day 22 today and let me tell you the urge to buy some wine came out of nowhere. The battle in my head went on for awhile and I honestly thought it was going to win and I was going to give in…but thank God I was able to go to the store and walked out without any wine. I did cry my eyes out when I got to work and I feel emotionally drain…but no wine for me today:)

    • Well done for getting through without drinking @destiny 🙂 The more you do that you get stronger and it gets easier. Stick with it and well done on day 22 🙂 x

    • Day 23 will be better!!!
      You can do this. Just for tonight after work let’s have some tea and a bubble bath and maybe some favorite chocolate and a good Netflix or DVD timeout.

    • well done it shows how strong your getting… treat yourself to something nice tonight..x

    • Well done @destiny that is a big battle won right there!

      Keep it up!

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